By Nicole Adler. Nicole, 12, is a student at Hawthorn Middle School South. She lives in Mundelein, United States. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Standing on a flat cliff in the middle of the night in the fog sounded scary, but it was more…magical. I could see the water below and the moon seemed to cast shadows, pictures of people dancing, and animals bounding towards an unseen bone. The trees stood still, no wind to make them move. The fog swirled around me, obscuring my view. All I could see was white, and all I could feel was wet. I smiled, realizing that the moon was watching me. If I looked up, past the mist and treetops, I could see it. It shone brightly, almost mimicking its opposite, the sun.

A loud howl cut through the serene silence. I turned my head and as the mist cleared away, I saw a lone wolf standing on the other side of the water, on the other cliff. His fur was an amazing grey and silver, and he was the most regal creature I had ever seen. I took a step towards the edge of the cliff, trying to get a closer look. Nearing the edge, I sat down, my feet dangling, almost completely invisible because of the mist.

Another howl made me look up. Two more wolves joined their friend. They were a rusty red color, almost looking golden in the moonlight. They lowered their snouts and seemed to look me straight in the eye. I stared back, not blinking, scared that if I made a movement they would leave and I would be alone again. The silver wolf started to walk closer to edge, the red ones following him.

“So… you’re the alpha,” I whispered, and he made a snort loud enough for me to hear, almost as if saying yes. I nodded, and he turned around, facing away from me. He walked all the way to the forest on that side of the cliff. The mist seemed to bunch up around him and his pack, as if protecting him from my curious eyes.

I blinked, and he and the others were gone. Sighing, I looked back at the moon. It had moved to the edge of the sky, and I realized that it was almost morning. As I was standing up, the mist cleared away and a light breeze picked up, making the trees dance, their slumber awakened. This was every sign that this place wanted me to leave.

“Goodnight, Moon,” I said as I looked up into the sky. I crossed to the other side of the cliff, stepping onto the trail that would take me back to my family. The trees seemed to wave at me, telling me to come back tonight. I knew I would. The moon, the mist, the sleeping trees, even the wolf pack, it all became my home. My true home.

37 comments on “Home

  1. Emma on

    I love how the writer pulls us in with details that could put her in danger, and the journey of discovery the reader takes through the control she has to drive us toward her conclusion – that this natural world is more home to her than her family home – that her home is larger and much less contained than we might think. It is a great owning of power, and I applaud her!

  2. Gene Z on

    I like your writing style, Nicole, and the details you describe every single character or object. Point on blinking is quite deep, very well written. Great job, Nicole

  3. Larisa on

    Well written .. reading it , you can see it in your mind .., through writers eyes…barren landscape moonlit and gorgeous pack of wolfs ….
    what an imagination at 12 year old!
    Bravo!!! Please, continue on your writers journey – great things with come to you!!!


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