Lost at Sea

By Chloë Moss. Chloë, 11, studies at St Francis’ College, in the UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It was yet another beautiful British Summer day. The sun was beaming and the sea was glistening clear, with the fish swimming all around. I was overjoyed because today was the day, the day I’d been waiting for. I was going to meet my grandparents and go on the Lady Grace with them (that’s what their boat is called) on holiday! Now this isn’t just any ordinary boat, there’s something about it, I’m sure. I knew I’d been on it before, but the morning after I woke up and my head was blank: I couldn’t remember a thing. So, I can’t wait to see what mysteries I’ll uncover.

“They’re here, they’re here!” I shouted waving my arm rapidly. I could see them in the distance. There was a small elderly lady with a blonde bob and next to her was a man wearing chequered trousers and a bright blue bowler hat. “They are just as I remember them.” I thought in my head. As soon as they set foot on the harbour I rushed over to greet them. But what was this? There were two boats floating on the water behind them. I questioned them repeatedly and all they said was “double the boats means double the fun!”. Now I had remembered that my grandparents weren’t exactly like other grandparents. They were different and sometimes weird and they would come out with the most bizarre phrases. Half the time I didn’t even know what they were going on about!

Soon after it was lunch time, we were already in the middle of the water and the only land around was an island in the distance barely visible to the naked eye. So I had to help Grandpa attach the rope between the two boats as all of the food was on the other boat (I was on one boat and Grandpa and Grandma were on the other). I hopped across and we all sat around a plastic table and ate our tomato soup and bread.

The night came and, as soon as I knew it, it was already sunrise and we were about to land at our next location, on the way to Africa. Unfortunately, I was exhausted due to a seagull which had been cawing all night and I didn’t get a wink of sleep. I decided to wait on the boat whilst they went and explored around the town.

I looked at the time and it had only been 5 minutes since they left. Now I was really starting to get bored, I decided to take a look around the boat. First, I went on the other boat since I pretty much knew what was on the boat – I had been sleeping on for a whole night. What was this I found? Well it was an old tatty box with dust covering it from head to toe. I tried to open it but it wasn’t coming open, it was locked. I searched up and down for a key until I finally found it, as I opened the box I saw a hook and pictures of them. I couldn’t believe it; my Grandparents were pirates! I always wondered why I only saw them once every two years and now I knew why. I couldn’t tell them I had found this, they would neve let me come on the boat again because I had looked through their private things. I had to keep it a secret!

The day had drawn to an end. I could tell there was going to be a storm, I could hear the clouds growling. I had never been in a boat when there had been a storm before. My Mum says it’s a dangerous place and very frightening so I started to panic.

It was later that night that the storm had become much much worse, the wind was swirling, the sky was crackling, my head was spinning, when suddenly everything became a blur. I was gone, lost at sea.

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