By Jaden Page. Jaden, 15, is a student at Whitehouse Junior High, Texas, USA. Please read his entry and leave your comments below.

As the young boy washed from the ocean onto the shore of the hidden tropical island with beautiful white sands, a group of natives came up to him. ‘‘This boy is alone!’’ said a man with a feather hat and long staff covered with deep marks and burns.

As the Chief came from the village deep in the forest ahead, a native warrior spoke out, ‘‘He will never survive on his own.” The warrior’s name was Talia. The Chief came to Talia and told him that he could take care of the boy.

‘‘CHIEF!!!’’ said another warrior, and everyone ran toward the voice. Talia stayed with the boy. When the Chief and the others reached the warrior who had called them, they found a large ship – or part of a large ship. The warrior came up to the Chief, and said, “The people inside are dead.”

The Chief looked into the wreckage and spoke with fear in his voice, “The boy had a big canoe!” They took the boy back to the village to treat his wounds.

After ten days, the boy’s wounds were healed and became scars on his back. Suddenly, the boy awakened from his coma and jumped to the ground. He grabbed a small knife lying on the ground and moved toward Talia, who was sitting on the other side of the tent. Talia didn’t move.

The boy looked around and realized this man had saved him. He dropped the knife and said, “Thank you.”

Talia said, “You must rest.”

They heard a voice of a young man from outside the tent, “Talia, come here with the boy!”

They both walked out of the tent, and greeted the young man, who said, “ I see he is well.”

“Yes, and he knows how to handle a knife. I believe he is ready to start hunting,” said Talia.

“What? I’ve never hunted before,” said  the boy.

Talia moved close to the boy. “What is your name?”


Talia walked Arnold to the big shipwreck and found a rifle, a handgun, a few bullets, and some flint for a fire. Arnold and Talia grabbed a canoe from the village so they could sail out in the ocean to hunt for fish. Arnold failed a couple of times, but he managed to get some fish in the canoe.

“Are we heading back to the village?”

Talia laughed. “Are you tired?”

Arnold replied quickly, “No.” They walked toward the village, but on the way they passed the shipwreck. Arnold grabbed some flint and burned what was left of the ship, because he knew it was the only way to burn down his nightmares.

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