The Bridge Into The Mist…

By Elina Sanganee. Elina, 11, is a student at St Francis’ College, from London, UK./ Please read her entry and leave your comments below.

Looking into the mist, I saw a small outline of a mountain. The mountain I am going to walk. I put my bag of gear down, got out my bright torch. I shined the torch into the distance and in front of me was a small bridge. I smiled and zipped up my coat and walked onto the bridge. The mist swallowed me whole. So I could actually see, I got out my torch and shone it into the space ahead. Still walking, I saw the outline of the mountain getting darker and darker. Once I could see the mountain I smiled. But then I saw a tent and then another one and another one…

When I came up to the tents I said “Hello?”

No one answered.  I unzipped one of the tents slowly and looked in. I found a note saying:

“Dear traveller, this tent has been used by many. You may use it but please don’t destroy it.  When you leave, please clean and sign the book of travellers, so your name can be in history.  Good luck with your travels…”

I smiled, that’s my dinner covered, looking at the many tins of food.  I placed my belongings into the tent and then looked into the other tents, it was all the same.  Same note, same appearance.  I wandered back to my tent, zipped myself into the sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep.


I woke up suddenly to the cold morning. I made myself some beans and gobbled them up.  Then I ventured outside to see a lovely sunrise.  When I came back I noticed a small trail of mud going into a different tent.  I called “Hello, anyone there?”

“Oh my, ya woke me, gal,” Said a Texan voice with a southern drawl. “One sec, let me come out.”

I heard a grunt as a hand came into view. Then another one and then a head.  Finally the whole body was in view.  He was about my age, 21, he had soft blue eyes and jet black hair (the same as mine).

“Oh, my lady, I haven’t introduced myself”, he took out his hand from his jeans.

“I am Raven, and you are…?”

“Oh, I’m Lily.”

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Raven.”

“Well nice to meet you too,” he smiled.  “Are you gonna climb that mountain?”

I answered “Oh yes I am, are you?”

“Well if you look where I am, you can guess,” said Raven, “Well darlin’, do you wanna go with me.”

“Oh I would love some company, so yes.” I said.

“Okay. When shall we go? Now?” Raven asked.

“Oh why don’t we go in 1 minute, I need to get my stuff.” I answered.

“Okay Lily.” Raven said.

Once we had all our stuff packed up we started to climb together….


We chatted most of the way, Raven said he was from America and he was adopted. I answered back by saying my parents died and I was also adopted but I decided to run away because my adopted parents hated me. Once it was night we decided to make a fire from the sticks and stones we found on the walk to here. Raven made the fire, while I made dinner.

“Hey, Raven, we make a good team don’t we?”

“Oh gal, we do!” He replied.  Once we had eaten we decided to play a card game (snap) and of course I won! After that we got out our tents, that took us ages to assemble, and went to sleep.


I woke up to the smell of burnt toast. I got up and opened my tent to see  Raven looking at a photo.

“What ya looking at?”  I asked.

“A photo of my real parents, the only one I got and it’s ripped!”

“Oh my so is mine, I am gonna go and get it,” I said, then went back into my tent to get the photo.  “Here it is,” handing the photo to Raven, “It’s sad, all it’s got is me and my father not my mum.  When I gave it to him his face fell and then smiled, “Oh my, come here,” said Raven.  I walked over to him, “ Look t-the photos they ummm…go together…”

11 comments on “The Bridge Into The Mist…

  1. Amita on

    Elina, it’s a very nice story. It shows care, support, team and above all hope is the only way forward. All the best and continue writing.

  2. Mel on

    What a great story, Elina. Your use of description made me feel like I was there. I did not see that ending coming. Top work! Well done.


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