The Golden Tusks

By Emanuele Ghidoli. Emanuele, 12, is a student at Sandford Park School, Dublin, Ireland. Please read his entry and leave your thoughts and comments below. (*Shortlisted for the 2018 prize!)

A long time ago there was a mum and a baby elephant, they were hunted frequently because they had very beautiful and decorated golden tusks. These very unlucky elephants were being hunted by a group very, very dangerous.

Now, the two magnificent elephants had already been hunted in the past, but had managed to escape. Everyone that knew about the animals desired them.

The golden tusks were worth millions of euros and they shined through the day so were able to be seen from kilometres away and the elephants had to hide during the day.

The leader of the hunters was named Santiago Valdez. Santiago was a tall, black, dark haired Spanish man. He had managed to gather up to twenty men and he made sure they were experienced hunters.

After a couple of months of hunting they finally found the elephants during the night. As soon as the two felt something was wrong they ran away and the hunters chased after them. The two elephants had nearly gotten out of sight when the baby fell into a hole and got its foot stuck in it the mum could hear the men’s footsteps approaching so, she decided to save the baby. She charged toward the sound of the footsteps. When she finally found them she ran into them, charging like a bull killing five or six men. After a while she just ran away. The hunters chased her down and shot her.

By that time the baby had managed to escape from the hole and ran away. The little elephant kept on walking away from the hunters for another day, then stopped to drink at a river. After a couple of more days of walking, the elephant found a new group of elephants and joined their group.

While the hunters separated the money they had, they had become millionaires. But Santiago wanted the baby too, but after months of trying to find him he got bitten by a deadly snake and died.

38 comments on “The Golden Tusks

  1. Stíofán Mac Geargáin on

    Lovely story! I was actually relieved by the fact that the baby elephant could find a new “tribe” to feel at home again. Funny ending for the hunter: right when he thought he made it he got caught by the snake!

  2. Phil on

    I like how the plot flows and how so many topics that are pivotal in today’s world (diversity, greed, fight for survival, sacrifice) are sketched and connected.
    I’d like to read a second chapter, and see how the boy fits into the new herd (and maybe a ghost elephant haunts the greedy hunters).

  3. Lucia on

    Oh Emanuele! What a lovely story and… what perfect English! I am enraptured!
    Now the baby elephant has a special guardian angel always with him!

  4. Alessandro Danesi on

    Emanuele, I also got the gold fever and I am interested too in the golden tusks. Thank you for this nice tale and good luck!

  5. Pietro on

    Well done, Ema!
    you are a fortunate kid because you know the true meaning of loving parents. Thank you for sharing this and good luck!


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