The survivors of the deep

By Maria Amson. Maria is from Trowbridge, UK. Please read her entry and leave your thoughts and comments below.

The horizon hung lower than usual .There was a golden crisp colour left over from the burning sun, it was a chilly afternoon  and  two of the best known boats , ‘The survivors of the deep’ , had just pulled up from one  of their latest boat tours .Once again it had followed its name and faced yet another dangerous run , facing  monsters  that were pretty vicious, angry and  bloodthirsty.

Petrified People looked as white as a sheet as they hopped off ‘The survivors of the Deep’, but to be honest  you couldn’t say ‘The survivors of the deep’ had made it  as they were not at the docking  at  the village .Instead they were on an island at 5:45pm without having the slightest idea where they were. Most people were relying on the boat masters .However when the tyrants of the boats stomped out of the ‘survivors of the Deep’,   they had not a clue of where they were. Having done a run like this many times before they made a quick decision to board  at a random island, they  expected  to know where it was, they didn’t .They were lost…..

To make matters worse ,one of pair of ‘Survivors of the Deep’ had a humungous hole in the gunwale where one  of the sticky  red monsters had unsteadied the boat  . People were scared, they were cold, they were upset .They couldn’t see a way of escaping . “Get a fire lit , get some shelter ,we have some camping and proper survival to do!” One of the tyrants ordered . So off people went to search the island to see if there was any sign of life or food. So far it looked as if they had just landed on a gravel like  beach that would never end .

The boat looked unrepairable ,however the boat spread happiness all at once, right at the bottom of one of the boats was a  lighter. A sign of hope lit up the atmosphere .Still they had no food or shelter. It was now 7:02pm, it had almost been 2 hours since arriving . Slowly everyone started to shut down. It was lucky the tyrant ordered 1 last thing before we completely collapsed. “Drag the boats up the beach  in case the water rises  overnight, we shall take turns further  up to guard the sea coming in”. It was a complete hour of chaos.

It was only then, we had found  our second amazing discovery of the tragic arrival…Coconuts. The sweet smell covered the island taking over our thoughts , immediately we started guzzling them down. No one had noticed them before, they must have fallen when everyone was out searching. Now it was late in the afternoon,  surely someone must have noticed almost 20 people missing , had they not?

Despite that question burning in everyone’s hearts there was another thing everyone feared to talk of.  The sad story of a dear child ,the ugly monsters green snotty tail reached in the boat and snatched the wretched child dragging the poor kid  under water whilst escaping the beasts . The fact had been avoided until now. People remembered all those moments of dread when a great wave drenched them all .They remember the slimy triple eyed beast rolling its eyes at everyone with an ear splitting hiss, its scaly body rubbing against the edge of the small wooden boat . One of the tyrants suddenly suggested “Why don’t we sing hymns? “The sounds of the hymns made everyone forget everything ,how they were stranded on and island, how they had no water or shelter. Even if everyone was saved it wouldn’t be possible ,the boat with the hole in its gunwale would leak ,and sink before everyone got on…

The question is though did they escape the island ?  With more than one  bloodthirsty, hungry good sniffer monster on the hunt …

44 comments on “The survivors of the deep

  1. Violet on

    This was my favourite story this is amazing and that u should be an author when your older u deserve to win I wish this was an actual book

  2. Natalia on

    Wow Maria, what an amazing story! U definitely deserve to go to the next round with such a great and interesting piece of writing 🙂

  3. Lily on

    This is an !!AMAZING!! story. I enjoyed every second. You could be a great writer when you get older, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy a walking stick with the money from your books! Just another 70 years to go! (Lol)

  4. Jackie on

    Wow María, that’s from the heart, written with a natural talent. Please let me know when you’re releasing the next chapter! X


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