Where Two are Fighting, The Third Wins

By Maksym Wykowski. Maksym, 11, lives in Gdynia, Poland. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

The waves were very high and there was a storm. On Thursday, a boat crashed on the beach… there were no people to be seen, only stones and trees. The pirate captain and his crew checked if the boat was damaged. It was evening and they needed a place to sleep.

“Go and find a place to rest,” said the captain.

While the crew was looking for a place, the captain saw a parrot. He ran after this bird because it had a shiny ring in its claws. The captain was very excited. After an hour the crew found a cave, it was dark and gloomy. There was some sweet water inside. One of them ran to get the captain, but he wasn’t next to the ship. He shouted to locate the captain but didn’t hear an answer. He then began to search the island. It was getting dark, so the pirates set up a campfire and cooked some fish. Meanwhile, the captain felt tired from chasing after the bird. Finally, the parrot sat on a branch of a very tall tree.

“Now I will get you and the ring,” smiled the captain.

He climbed the tree, grabbed the ring and saw another boat on the other end of the island. He knew the owner of the ring and the boat… From the tree he could also

see his crew and their campfire. He went to see his men. He was very angry.

“Do you have some good food for me?” the captain asked angrily.

“Yes, oo-of co-o-urse!”, answered Casio fearfully, he was the smallest and the fastest pirate.

“Listen to me! I saw another boat on this island, and it belongs to… Black Beard, our worst enemy,” said the captain.

Everyone was shocked and scared.

“But captain I saw something interesting too. We found some sweet water in the cave nearby” said Cechini, the smartest pirate.

“That’s very good, you are now promoted to co-captain,” replied the captain.

“Thank you very much,” said Cechini.

“Now let’s go to sleep, tomorrow we will attack Black Beard’s crew and steal their boat” – decided the captain.

Skull, the pirate who was looking for the captain, slept in a cave. He did not know that it was the same cave from before because he had come in through a different entrance. The next day, when he woke up and went deeper into the cave, he found a treasure chest with

gold. He took it. Then, he went outside and saw the Black Beard’s boat and slowly made his way towards them.

In the afternoon, a battle began. When Black Beard heard the noise he went to the deck and saw the attackers and shouted, “Jack Presto!”

The captains started to argue.

“Presto, what are you doing here? The treasure on this island is mine!” said Black Beard.

“Is there treasure? I did not know about it… I crashed on this island and I want your ship to get out of here,” answered Presto.

They started to fight but the floor was slippery and Jack fell in to the water. He couldn’t swim.

Beard said to him, “I will save you but promise you will join my crew in return and not be the captain.”

“I promise, but help me, quickly!” said Presto sadly.

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