Our Life is a Mirror

Written by Pamela Murguía, an English teacher from Canelones, Uruguay. Please read her article and leave your thoughts below.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Everything is going wrong in my life”? And things continue to go wrong instead of getting the desired outcomes. I have heard this phrase many times. What do you think happens then? Simple- the human being attributes bad situations to life and adopts several negative feelings, and hate is no exception. Between anger and frustration, our decisions tend to be poorly executed as we get carried away by our impulses, believing that we will sweep away the world. But guess what? You can only generate more negative circumstances, as noted by the quote in the French film “La Haine”, by director Mathieu Kassovitz: “La haine attire la haine”. Hate does attract hate, whether we like it or not!

Kassovitz shows a perfect portrait of what has been going on in the world for years, and it still remains relevant today. Marginality and discrimination continue to be fought, and I am sure that the situation will change if we stop addressing it with hate. Do you realise that acting violently doesn’t change anything, but makes it worse?

Here is the issue: our life is a mirror of our thoughts and feelings within us. You are a magnet that attracts everything your mind is constantly paying attention to. And this is what usually happens: people manifest negative circumstances more quickly than positive ones. Why? Because even though they want a good change in their lives, they remain pessimistic, waiting for results overnight, when in reality the real change begins with oneself. That’s right, to see the desired results around us, we must take a look at ourselves first. In other words, eliminate harmful feelings and start controlling our emotions.

You might wonder: “All right, but what about the others?” There will be no change if we continue waiting for them to take action. The human being imitates by nature, but it is key that you discern what to follow and what to not follow. The world will not magically do an 180-degree turn without doing our bit, let alone acting in response to what we perceive of our environment, because we will generate more of the same. A feeling as powerful as hate can influence people (as it happens today) only if you allow it.

We can control and even eliminate hate because we choose how to act. It is not something that seizes us for no reason but arises from what we have in our inner self. We reap what we sow! Despite our effort, we will remain trapped in the same reality that we want to transform if we approach life with hate and despair.

That is why La Haine’s quote couldn’t be more accurate, we attract what we create in our minds and at the same time, we adopt a self-destructive attitude from which we don’t benefit at all. If hate is still within us, it is more difficult to let the right solutions appear.

You might say: “I don’t hurt other people, but they hurt me” Well, it is important to remember that your mind attracts your new reality. For example: if I don’t want to feel discriminated or excluded, what I shouldn’t do is to live with fear and thinking that it will happen to me because I’m giving my full attention to that. What we think is always aligned to what we create, it doesn’t distinguish between what we want and what we don’t, it only materializes what our minds and emotions are focused on.

We are here to learn, we all go through obstacles and challenges, but it is always possible to overcome them, either short or long term. You may be dealing with a difficult situation that seems to be endless, but by taking out negative feelings like helplessness and despair, we will be more open to ideas that will allow us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You would be surprised to see how many people convince themselves that negative situations will take place, and in case these have already appeared, they will remain present in their lives. This shouldn’t happen! If not, we are showing submission to society as inferior beings. We are powerful and capable of creating a reality that reflects what we set out to do. Let’s foster love, respect, without letting hate dominate.

It is possible to make positive changes as long as we have a high vibration.

When I was at school, I clearly remember that there was a receptionist who was very impolite and didn’t greet the students. I used to observe how people constantly complained about her lack of willingness. For this reason, nobody was talking to her anymore and to be honest, I wasn’t inspired to talk to her either. One day I finally decided to make the change in this situation: I greeted her warmly and started talking to her. Whenever she answered questions I had for her, I was grateful. There was no response in the first few days, but then her attitude and mood began to change since then! This allowed her to know each other better and build good relationships with more people. Would I have achieved this result if I had remained negative by responding with the same bad manner she had? No.

A mindset shift is possible, by encouraging good deeds and inspiring to make a difference in society the right way.

Remember that we are architects of our own life. With this in mind, you will be able to attract new results instead of hate.

Many people have left their mark on the world; you can be the next one.

Let’s create a positive reflection of our lives.

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