Children are little geniuses!

By Anika Gulati. Anika, 10, is from Gurgaon, India. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

We children are not afraid to dab our hands in color to create something beautiful.

In fact we like to flaunt them. We feel proud.

Sometimes I think how it would look like to paint the sky green and grass blue.

But am I not allowed to do it?

Should grass be always green and sky blue?

Our science teacher told us that we see colors because objects reflect the certain color wavelengths which are then perceived by our eyes. Is it possible that at some other planet, the wavelengths reflected are different and there the sky could be green and grass could be blue. Just Imagine that!

Colors make everything you love so beautiful. So cheerful. We should not be shy to wear them in any which way we imagine. We should not shy away from painting either because it’s messy. In fact it’s lot of fun.

I understand we have to maintain decorum at certain times and be prim and proper. Like when we go to house of worship or when we go visit the sick. But sometimes, is it not okay to try and create something which has not been created? I can change the shape of clouds with my clay set. I can draw different patterns on the walls. Even if everyone may not like those patterns and shapes but then some may.

I often think why the bread we eat is white. Cannot it be red? We could bake it with carrot juice?

Why do brides getting married in churches always wear white? What if they could use a colorful ensemble instead?

I wonder and wonder. So do my friends.

We are not wrong. We are just curious and very creative.

We have heard about Pablo Picasso. Seen his paintings called Head and Violin on internet too.

They were so different.

We could be a Picasso too. We could be geniuses too.

32 comments on “Children are little geniuses!

  1. Deepak on

    It’s indeed a very insightful article. Really children are creative geniuses. We shouldn’t stifle their spirit and let them question band explore.

  2. Charu on

    Such a beautiful article which helped me realize what we miss in our life.
    We are afraid to try new things. We are afraid of the outcome .
    We are afraid of failures. But kids are brave because they don’t give up. They think nothing is impossible. And that gives them confidence and creativity. We should try and retain the child in us !

  3. Bindi GULATI on

    This article made me feel nostalgic I too had so much on me when I was young .But as I grew up I became more practical an started analyzing things to check possibilities. I wish I could go back to be a child and believe in limitless possibilities again.

  4. Sheel on

    Indeed what an inspirational article .grownups think so much about what others think of what they do that they are afraid to try new things. But children aren’t. They are brave and hopeful

  5. Ashish on

    A literal eye opener for me. We need to learn at lot from the children . Their thoughts are so broad while we have narrowed our thoughts based on our prejudices .
    Kudos to the little girl for writing such an article.

  6. Rob Hoerntlein on

    You have done such a wonderful job sharing your thoughts on this. My granddaughters are 6 and 9 years old. Their mom lets them dress themselves until, as you say, they are going to a special occasion. They also love color and when they dress themselves often look like circus clowns, they are so colorful. Keep up the good work!
    If you can, print this out and put it in your journal. When you get older, you’ll want to read this again to remind yourself to keep young at heart.

    • Jitender Bajaj on

      Creativity at it’s best. I can definitely say that Anika is a reflection of a beautiful mind which is so eager to make an identity of her own.

      Children are taught to follow a pattern and generally get loaded with lots of textbooks which hampers out of the box thinking. And here we have an example of one child who has made such a beautiful effort to break herself out of the mundane routine and expressed herself out.

      This expression is the outcome of purity of thoughts and has succeeded in defining the undefined.

      We definitely need creative minds like Anika to come forward and not be afraid to reach out to the World with their creative thoughts.

  7. Jhimli on

    This is very correct, it’s not always to follow the conventional.
    There are although very few who walk opposite. But that’s the way it is. There is no harm in listening to your own heart and mind.
    Loved you spirit buddy!!!

  8. Ayan Pal on

    Beautiful thoughts that will make you think as a parent. At least it made me think about the times I may have inadvertently curbed by child from expressing creativity, to make her more ‘prim and proper’. A great read!


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