By Reia Dsouza. Reia, 14, lives in Mapusa, India. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Standing in the middle of chaos. Holding on to that one moment when everything is peaceful and it’s only her. Her and her consciousness. Listening to the life inside her body. Her mind debating the conflicts that are buried deep in the back of her mind. Scared yet excited for what lies ahead. Waiting for an adventure that takes her somewhere she can be herself. A place she doesn’t have to pretend to fit in.

Surrounded by people who see her the way they want to and not the way she is. On the path of achieving acceptance, she had started to lose herself. A part of her lost in a never ending maze.

She is brave because she has felt pain.

She is beautiful because she knows her flaws.

Yet she carries a burden, a piece of her past.

Everyone is wearing a mask trying to hide the monster that scares us all. No matter how much you run away you can never escape the person you were. The fear of failure blocks us from seeing the truth, about ourselves. There is always a shadow lurking in the dark waiting to pounce on you when you are at your weakest. Just a fallen angel waiting to rise again.

Nothing is ever the way it seems. When you look at something from afar, it all seems beautiful, but take a closer look and the horrid misery of it is revealed.

These tainted streets she roams slowly fall apart. Piece by piece. With every passing second a new voice of turmoil is heard but she still stands there in the silence of her own noise. The cold air, from where she stands, gently kisses her face as if it is telling her not to worry.

We can never undo the mistakes we make but we can carry on and embrace who we really are. The choices we make in the future are the ones that really matter.

15 comments on “Choices

  1. Enigmatic mind on

    Good job Reia! It is amazing. U wrote it really well and it is very deep. I love it. Proud of you. Gonna write more amazing things.

  2. Lorena on

    Excellent piece …full of emotions that keeps you waiting for more… this is only the beginning of something big and a great career.
    All the best for this amazing writer !!!


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