Hands on learning will save you from living in your parent’s basement

By Xenia Szwast. Xenia, 13, is home-schooled. She lives in Marrietta, USA. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Working with your hands is important; it is more fun for the child, which means they will like to learn. This is always good because if they do not like learning, they will not learn. They can choose not to remember anything.

For instance, if you are teaching that three plus four is seven, you do not want to sit them down with a sheet of paper and tell them to write it 20 times. They might never forget it, but it will be torture and whenever they use three plus four is seven, they will shiver with fear.

If you are teaching three plus four is seven, the better thing to do is: Give them three of something, like wooden blocks or pennies. And then hand them four of the same thing. And then tell them how that shows that three plus four is seven. By doing this, they will have fun and learn at the same time, a win-win.

Instead of giving your child 20 pages of counting, change  your method and take some simple items like a pair of shoes, a rag, or a cup, and put prices on them in cents. Take some items from these and then give them a dollar; they should have some coins, and have them count back the change.

It is important to use your hands; it helps with your fine motor skills. You use these for writing, drawing, painting, knitting, and playing instruments. So, if you do not have fine motor skills, you cannot get very far in life, and everyone wants their child to do well in life.

So, as you can see it is very important to work with your hands if you want to do anything when you grow up. Because if you do not, you will live in your parent’s basement for the rest of your life – which I am sure neither of you want.

3 comments on “Hands on learning will save you from living in your parent’s basement

  1. दीना दोशी on

    अरे वाह, अनीका तुम ने एकदम सही बात कही है।👍

  2. Sharon Schlueter on

    Very good observations, Xenia! Hands-on learning also teaches problem-solving. Sometimes when you have to fix something, you hold it in your hands and look at it from different perspectives so that you can best decide how to approach repairing it.
    Being able to understand something from different angles benefits critical-thinking skills and processes. There is a strong movement now to get young people into building trades and other hands-on jobs.
    Great job on your essay!

  3. Katherine Mattmiller on

    Great job, Xenia. You may also know that information learned using touch, sight, and sound makes for greater and longer retention.!


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