Observations of an Endangered Creature

By Kate Avery. Kate, 13, goes to The Angmering School. She lives in Littlehampton, United Kingdom. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

I watched her as she cowered in the evergreen shrubs. Her body racked with sobs, shaking, struggling for breath. She collapsed onto the floor, limbs sprawled at unnatural angles, her ocean eyes deep and lifeless, still staring, felt as if they were bearing into my soul.

Her body fell fast and violent, as if it was thrown backward, into the dew-covered ferns around her.

I felt a piercing pain in my back paw that shook through my body, as it jolted to the floor, and I began to lose my balance. I growled in pain, angry now this idiot was back. The human girl had brought others with her. ‘Poachers’, I think, is what they identify themselves as, whatever the insignificant little things are called, I tend to find them roaming the forest looking for ‘easy targets’.

I fell down to the muddy ground, my body giving me a substantial gravitational disadvantage in this particular situation, my head slamming into the roots of a somewhat tall pine tree as black and yellow dots permeated my vision.

My eyelids became heavy and swiftly began to close in on themselves, I felt a yawn escape my strong furred jaw. Pointless life forms, they never should have been created if you ask me. In fact, humans in the first place, all they ever do is destroy the things around them. Never fixing them either, only skirting the blame onto other more curiously named things, such as pollution and what I think they call deforestation.

I lay paralyzed, my eyes closed, I willed my body to rise, however, it did not wish to listen, it continued to lay still. My beautiful, white fur, now shamed with black mud and spiky green pines. How degrading, I thought, to be debased by such a degenerate excuse of an intelligent organism.

They’ll never learn until they destroy every living thing on earth, including themselves. I believe they have a term for ‘people’ who conduct themselves in this manner of expression. ‘Self-destructive.’ Yes, that’s it.

I suppose, in the long-run, my death is irrelevant. It’ll be overlooked as one of the many that fell, so that others could rise and take the fire of their ancestors’ deaths in their stride. In the far-off future, once humans are finally able to comprehend the bigger, more extensive picture.

It’s not just me they’re hurting, it’s the earth, every living thing on it, every animal and plant, EVERYONE is affected.

4 comments on “Observations of an Endangered Creature

  1. Siân on

    Wow! I cannot believe this is written by a 13 year old. It brought years to my eyes and I want to read more!! Fantastic Kate, never give up writing, you’re amazing!

  2. Okenwa Precious on

    Kate you are an amazing writer. You would leave worthy marks in the world.
    For a thirteen year old, you are quite the author!


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