Renaissance of Nature

By Sahana Iyer. Sahana, 13, lives in Navi Mumbai, India. She is a student at the Podar International School, CBSE, Nerul. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Introduction: This poem is inspired from the beautiful wetlands and Mangroves of Navi Mumbai, India, which host a wide variety of flora and fauna. While going to school I get to watch different birds and a variety of pants. I consider it a perfect beginning to the day as it acts as an energizer to me. But over years  this green belt is reducing. There has been lot of development in this area in the last four to five years. Today, we are on the verge of loosing many species for ever. My fear is that someday migratory birds will stop coming here. The land belongs to a country government but nature and natural phenomena like migration belongs to the entire word and therefore every country is responsible to protect wetlands and mangroves. This poem is an effort to provoke a thought in readers’ mind to save nature.




Many things in My Navi Mumbai bring me happiness,
The Wetlands and Mangroves are the best amongst good;
Flamingos’ pink add brightness to nothingness,
And cuckoo bird sing to sweeten my mood.
Mangroves and marshlands have protected me, from the dangers of the sea;
The ponds and lakes have quenched my thirst, with water as pure as it could be.
Preserving life-line of water, life forms, fishes and shrimps so righteously;
It is a nursery for an ecosystem, nurturing human life ever so silently.
Quiet forests, spacious and calm, giving me abundance of strength and gains;
The biodiversity in it is so vast; it has remedies for all sorts of pains.
It’s a bliss to watch alongside palm beach road from the school bus going fast;
It is giving everything it had, while asking nothing in return, leaving us aghast.
Some want money, big palaces to live in, international airports and to make merry;
With greed they are destroying mangroves and wetlands where I love to ferry.
I warn thy who are blocking our lifeline and blind to Mother Nature’s tears;
For one day a storm or tsunami in Navi Mumbai will bring true all your fears.
Never can man recreate nature nor bring back God’s gift destroyed in haste;
Leave our wetlands and mangroves untouched, or else we will be soon waste.
Let us call for Renaissance of Nature, revive the rivers, plant more trees;
Keep the wetlands water clean and you will for sure enjoy the mangrove breeze.
Kindness and graciousness of mother nature as they come flooding all along;
Will be ours and give next generations a valid reason to rejoice and live long.

61 comments on “Renaissance of Nature

  1. Abhishek Saxena on

    This is so good for your age.. Great Talent and a Strong message to everyone… We should be caring about our surroundings, about our nature.

  2. Lester Vaz on

    Brilliant Sahana.
    So well articulated. You have captured the scheme of events so well. I love the emotion expressed through your words.
    Best Wishes.

    • Manisha on

      Beautiful and poignant. I hope people read this and understand how brutal we are towards nature and how in return the brutality of nature destroys us. Harmony needs to be maintained. All the best!

  3. Dr.Nitin Shanker on

    This is a brilliant piece of work. Environmental issues have deeply plagued the serenity of Mother Nature. The author in her own poetic style has rightly addressed the issue. Wish her good luck in her future endeavours!

  4. Snigdha on

    Beautifully written.. One can feel the pain of inhabitants of the region, once abundant in flora and fauna, which is now lying at the mercy of the Government/Industrialists. The message is loud and clear, hope it rings a bell with the policymakers of the country.


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