Spectate and speculate

By Ella Smith. Ella, 13, lives in Knebworth, UK. She is a student at St Francis' College. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Eyes are phenomenal if you think about it. They observe your surroundings and absorb your revelations, wherever, whoever and whenever. They can distinguish between what’s right and wrong; they can create memories; they produce tears of emotion, yet they fight past the blur to see the glorious sights that lay before you. Our eyes allow us to see the bright, neon lights, the hustle of the city, the joy of the world. Your life is a gift and your eyes narrate the story.

Yet, we take them for granted. We do not acknowledge that our two eyes create our perception of the world; we forget to appreciate the little things. The little things like our eyes which of course there are also those who aren’t privileged with the gift of sight. You can’t let complications define you. Those who fight through greater obstacles are stronger than most. Although, sometimes, we can see stuff that causes us displeasure. One sighting can change your concept on the world entirely. You don’t always notice the gloom of the alleyways, the silence of the children, the difficulties and struggles.

So, when this girl is standing, all alone, in the depths of her thoughts, processing what she has just done, she looks out over the balcony, which she is stood on, and views her world. The world of hustle, adventure and curiosity. Nevertheless, she feels quiet, muted, no matter how loud she shouted.

This is your world.

We can all make a difference; all we must do is look. Everyone means something on earth, and anyone can change it. For better or for worse. One thing, as small as it might feel, can make the world seem a little more conquerable or something that seems to make you feel more powerful.

When the girl, who is dressed in an oversized black hoodie and her ink-like joggers, is standing on top of, what feels like, the world, she looks before her and takes in the beauty of the neon lights, the hustle and bustle of the people, the purple of the sky. She also notices, however, the dark corners of her jumper and the struggles of what lies ahead but the silence n her voice just doesn’t feel all that silent anymore.

6 comments on “Spectate and speculate

  1. Vicky Bryan on

    This is beautifully written and describes the power that every individual has in this world, to make a difference. It is a very good description of the picture, as the description gently moves from describing what eyes can take in to the difference that this girl is going to make. Fantastic work!

  2. Lynne Drake on

    A powerful and multifaceted analysis of one of our basic senses.
    Empathetically and beautifully written: I shall certainly look at the world with fresh eyes after reading this.
    Well done, Ella.


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