The White Tiger

By Lily Horder-Gouldsbrough. Lily, 10, lives in Belgium. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

My name is Snow. I am glad that I can finally tell you my story. You see it all began…

…In the deepest jungle of Asia where there lived a pride of tigers. They were all very hungry.  They hadn’t eaten for three weeks because of global warming, and so they began their journey.

Four days passed with no luck.

I had an idea. “Why don’t we become vegetarian for a while and let the Earth cool off a bit?”

A cheer of laughter. I had no power over the others for I am white and have no stripes. I could not even hunt. I knew it was a stupid idea but I was so very hungry.

The laughter stopped with a deafening roar. It was the chief, the boss of the pride. “Come, we must talk.”

We talked for a long time. Finally, we came out of his cave.

The chief said to the tigers: “He has accepted a fighting challenge to prove what he is worth. It is to the death.”

I said: “What? To the death? That was not the agreement.”

The chief replied: “I changed my mind. I cannot have a tiger with no stripes in my pride. Oh, and you are the wrong colour.”

The fight began. “No! Somebody help!” I cried. BANG “Ouch!” I could only see a blur.

“Come on troop. We should go,” said the boss.

I saw a two-legged monster, before I fell in a deep sleep.

“Where am I? Am I in heaven?” I found myself in a weird contraption (I found out later that it was named a “boat”).

I saw that creature I had seen when I fell asleep (a human). I overheard their conversation.

This is what they said: “This is a real monster.”

“I bet we would get a good price at the zoo,” said the other.

“OK Flynn. Let’s go.”

And so I began my journey. I didn’t know where I was going but I heard them say “zoo”. I didn’t know what that was but I was sure that I was going to find out soon.

Travelling on the water I was in a cage. Of course, us tigers don’t call it a cage. We called it a “grogger”. I fell asleep then because of the pain that I still had in my head.

When I woke up, I was in a bigger grogger with some other tigers. To my surprise, they were all white. I wondered where I was and I suppose that this was the “zoo” as the humans called it.

The tigers told me that I should get used to the big cages and to the long travels. They said that we had to do a circus act and that the operation would move around unlike the usual zoos. The man called Flynn that I saw earlier on appeared again.

The other human called him the lion tamer. Of course, I still didn’t know who he was except for his name that I had heard when I was still on the boat. I had no clue what was going on whatsoever and so we were moved onto a stage where there were big hoops and little roller coaster types of things.

Suddenly, I saw a big crowd of people. The people opened the cage and all the other tigers rushed out onto the stage. They all jumped through hula hoops with fire around and into big pools of water. One of them even went into a little carriage dressed up as a prince.

After a few weeks, I realised what we had to do. I was one of the four that had to act as horses, taking the carriage along. I hated that place.

One day, when the show was over, and all the lights were off, a little girl called Chloe appeared and explained to me that Flynn had been plotting to set incredible animals free for a very long time. He was her father, you see. They were waiting for a white tiger who couldn’t hunt for they are very rare and don’t exist in many places and they are known to hate the circus. She set me free and took me home.

And I lived happily ever after with Chloe, her pet parrot and her father. And we ate lots of vegetables!


…And that leaves me here, in front of you… that is my story and this is…

The End

33 comments on “The White Tiger

  1. ashley green on

    What an imaginative story – and so full of meaning. It was entertaining and thought-provoking. We need more stories like this. An exciting new teller of tales.

  2. Katharine on

    Well done, Lily. What a beautiful story. I liked the way you tackled a few of today’s controversial issues. Looking forward to the sequel!

  3. Holly G. on

    What a precious story, Lily! I absolutely love your imagination and could ‘see’ perfectly what you described with your writing!

    I bet this is one very happy white tiger! Sounds like the perfect life with Chloe and the clan! Thank you for sharing such a sweet and happy story!

    Very well done!


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