By Maria Amson. Maria lives in the UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

As a companion I stood far from the glorious sights the girl was looking down at, her eyes were a shimmering green and her hair was waving and dancing about on her scalp. How was I going to help her find her destiny? Malabobol was a big city and as far as I was concerned I had the most wanted girl in the country looking down at the skyscrapers there for all to see.

Minutes passed and the girl turned around to face me, it was as if she couldn’t bare it as she looked down to the ground and shifted her foot from one to another. “Can I go inside?” Her voice was a mixture of trembling and importance. I was rooted to the spot for some reason before I found myself mumbling “Why not” and pulling the roof’s latch open again for us both to hop down. I hadn’t even noticed how cold it was until the heat from inside hit my face full on. The girl sat on the ledge then jumped down to the floor, I still didn’t know her name.Well that was a lie, her name was all over the news ‘Kaci Sovia’, the one wanted for chewing gum that was then found in a bomb inside her school. She moved herself over to my chair for a moment then sat down and took off her backpack.

Kaci rummaged through her bag and pulled something out, she looked at me and nodded. It looked like a dusty photograph, I stepped over to her and carefully took the photo from her hands. There were four people staring at me with grinning faces. Her family.

I was lost for words as I looked about my home, I had thought recklessly and let this criminal into my home yet I wasn’t worried about the consequences. In fact it wasn’t right to call Kaci a criminal, she was just a young girl. “What happened to you, Kaci?” The words flew out my mouth before I could stop them.

She looked at me as if she were in deep thought but then I got all my answers beyond my wildest wonderment.

“Who are you?” Kaci gave me a grave look as she scowled slightly. “How do you know my name?” I looked around then locked all the doors. “Kid, you are the most wanted criminal in Malabobol.” I paused as Kaci’s eyes opened wider in a look of shock and worry. “What did I do? What are you going to do to me?” She asked me once again looking away.

I had no answer as I breathed in and out the air, finally I said “You need to get away from here, from Malabobol.” I could sense the air turn tense as both our brains chugged like trains. The silence was broken soon enough though as she urgently cried “I didn’t do it! I never did try to blow up me school, one minute I were there waiting for me friend after school then the next thing I knew I was on the run. I don’t have chewing gum, it’s disgusting you see.” I stayed silent for a moment, I had to trust this girl she seemed truly innocent from my perspective. By now I could see something glinting on Kaci’s eyes – tears. That woke me at once: “Will you let me help you escape? Maybe I could help you get to a train station, or anything that might help?”

I herd pattering on the door downstairs for a split second before I saw Kaci shiver. “Can we go soon?” Her voice was numbing me as I unlocked the door and rushed to my bedroom, I grabbed everything that could be useful.

How was I to know this would be more than an expedition and soon it would turn from WANTED to HUNTED.

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  1. Lynda on

    A great story Maria! Very different ,exciting and excellent description which makes it feel real. I would like to read more. Maria, you are a fantastic story writer xx


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