Understanding the words for the heart

By Muaz Fathahullah, of Chilaw, Sri Lanka. Muaz, 20, studies Management Accounting (CIMA). Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“Gaining knowledge through education is not a great issue to bother with if the language isn’t a barrier”. This is a deep belief of every parent in bringing up their child as an educated person. That’s why a child gifted with languages studies from an early age.

Most of the knowledge spread today remains only in books, other than some words. It’s not being used for the life, wherever it’s needed and wherever it’s being required. But it’s true that knowledge is a foremost useful thing when living a complete life. Sometimes this may change with one and another according to their field and profession. But somehow an individual requires having a minimum knowledge in every field. But today that’s not how it is. And that is because of many reasons which can be solved.

Major issue is that “why the current generation is stuck in their studies although they are studying in their mother tongue?” If we can find an answer for this question, it will just remain to say that it’s all over. And if this argument is correct, in future none of our students will get stuck in their career where they have chosen to go.

Here comes the answer of some famous personalities.Nelson Mandela once said that “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”.

This explains the morality of understanding and gaining. Today, in most current studies are being used a lot of new and specific terms instead of normal terms, in order to make the level of education high, and those specific terms have less meaning, but they’re not being used in usual life. And also a student being tested mostly with those kinds of words which lead to his or her failure in finals and mid terms. And I believe it’s a good answer for above mentioned major issue.

“His language”: Mandela refers to what he uses in his day to day life, where he can understand the top and bottom. In words, those specific terms may be understandable to him, but he only gets what it is and not what it means and what’s it for! In short, he gains it but he may not value it.

Holding that thought let’s look at this saying by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Talk to them, with what they used to talk.”

This clarifies that if a person should understand a thing or a message, then talk to him or her with his language in their style. And Prophet Muhammad taught and brought up more than hundred thousand messengers of his religion in just 23 years. This was possible to him because he taught his followers with simple languages and with tactful examples. Also he used lots of teaching ways to teach learners of all levels. It’s because he wanted to educate and make his companions understand what he says. He had the standard but he did not test.

But today, everything is being for test and to maintain its high standard, where the current education system is to train one towards his or her profession, not towards his or her life. And that is the reason why many struggle in their own life although they have got a strong career. Everything today is being only for the heads, not for the hearts, where people know everything but don’t know anything when it comes to life. This has led everyone toward a stressful life style where they have lost their happiness and enjoyments.

And another thing is there. Today the man has created himself a meaning for language, where he thinks that it’s just a medium of communication, but it’s not. A famous scholar once said that “language is not just a thing used with words, it something beyond that, which people would understand in exchanging their facts and messages. It can be any signs, it can be any sounds, it can be any shapes and etc. What is important is that it should be in terms that are simple.”

His definition is quite acceptable, because the old time achievers who we consider as scientist, inventors and also sometimes philosophers are mostly the ones who had dropped out of their schools in their early childhood and then they have come across something more than words. Some have achieved with experience, some have achieved with their abnormality, some have achieved with experiments, some have achieved with luck and so on. And that is where the language shows its perfect meaning.

And nowadays, the educational heads are deciding on changing the education systems to be more practical, which is a good idea and a great sign to form achievers and it also will be a real change in this universe. Let’s move on and try to understand and make them reach our hearts!

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