By Mohammed Tanzeem Qadeer. Mohammed Tanzeem, 19, is pursuing his Bachelor of engineering at the B.N.M. Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

Evolvement of a human being from childhood to its adulthood is just phenomenal stuff of nature. Both physically and mentally, it strengthens one’s personality and the whole humanity embraces life in all possible ways; happiness, sorrow, grief, success and failure move hand in hand in the film of life and the way heart and mind experiences it, marks the stepping stone and basis of one’s self. The final results will have numerous options and everyone in that list will have something unique and at times weird background to it. The childhood which gets weighed in terms of innocence, cuteness and obedience; gets transformed into stature and respect; and the same gives way to the word of attitude, which starts to spread its wings. The extent to which it occupies the heart and mind, determines the type of attitude one has imbibed to their growing persona. The people, who laughed at themselves and saw their mistakes as drivers of life, prevail in the race; in spite of being pulled down and laughed at by the so called dictatorial society and created their own path to reach the pre-determined goal, which obviously is success in their own selected stream of life. Meaning who we are and trying to rise above our limitations, so as to fly high in the vast skies, which are filled with large chunk of big players, can bear the ripened fruits, which will for sure have a great impact, both economically and emotionally.

The pool of this great humanity isn’t only home to people whose frame of mind is positive and who try to see their negatives as a transformation platform, it is also home to folks who are pretty hard on themselves and only try to project themselves to a level which they aren’t in reality and also have the penchant of lowering down the will and confidence of those people who try to come up with all difficulties and hardships.

Laughing at ourselves means that, we are able to judge where really we are and where really we stand in this competitive life. After chalking out all the strengths and weaknesses, the mind makes it a point to further improve on areas where we stand tall and also boosts up the will, ignites the fuel, drives the determination and marches forward in order to face off those limitations with great amount of confidence. This process of strengthening the positives and transforming the negatives to positives carves out a mental armor, which helps the mind to sustain in the toughest and undesirable situations of life which demand high mental stability, it can also stand strong even after embracing wavy psychological tremors.

But if we aren’t able to execute this process of laughing at ourselves, then a successful business of pretention can be put on the streets of life. These type of people bring down infinite drops of tears, but see to it that they are able to converge and convert all those drops into a laugh, with an aim of portraying this gesture onto their fellow contrary mates, just to bring down their confidence level. Being free of limitations is a nonsense confession and not even a single human being on this earth can embrace this type of a pleasure, but some people follow the rule of “nothing is impossible” and try to manipulate in order to project themselves as greats. This category of people suffers inside, but they don’t want to expose their real truth, because a fear of shame and getting disgraced in front of the whole society lurks them; so they just push their fake identity and postpone the ceremony of confessing the truth and they get punished in their inner soul. This bunch can only draw the layout of dots, but find it really really tough to join them in order to have a normal movement

Pretending to be a fake entity can only make one to have a place in the mind of people, but being real book a permanent seat in the hearts of whole humanity. A single person with a true heart and with a real identity can really matter to this ever growing world and will be remembered even after he/she has left this world forever. The whole humanity will bid a farewell to them by saying RIP and not ROT.

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