“Those who can’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others” (Anonymous)

By Ishraq Hussain. Ishraq, 20, is studying towards his Bachelor in Engineering at the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore, India

Well the topic seems pretty simple. We can discuss it in seconds. A guy, who shows a lot of attitude, false praises himself like anything and then underestimates others. This is the guy on spotlight here we are going to speak about. No! This is who everyone would speak about. About how people laugh at him behind his back and still he continues showing attitude, never laughing at his own shortcomings and pointing at others about theirs. This is what others would talk about. And here I am going to take a completely different aspect.

I am going to leave the guy alone. Why? Because it’s our mistake that we laugh behind him; it’s our mistake that we laugh at the way he is. It’s not his shortcomings, it’s his habit. But those are our shortcomings that we laugh at him.

This aspect of others – that’s us, laughing at him means that we never laugh at ourselves. The finger points back to us now.

Here I am going to talk about a totally different person. And I am discussing this topic in a very contrary way.

“Why should a person laugh at himself?” That’s my question.

“Why should we laugh at self, let others laugh, why care?” Aren’t I right?

“Let’s laugh at those fools who laugh at us, but not laugh at ourselves.”

Now by saying all this I have created many controversies and confusions in the minds of readers. “Why is this fool promoting stupid stuff?” You will not get me until I give you an example. And my example here is pretty strong.

Galileo Galilei – father of modern astronomy. I would call him one of the most important persons in the contribution for the world’s development. And stop wondering how he came into discussion. That would be revealed to you in seconds…

Now let us come back to our topic… My topic…

Why laugh at self? Why care if others laugh?

Well ask Galileo how many times he laughed at himself. And ask him if people laughed at him or not. People laughed at him, called him fool and throughout his life he was the only one serious about his work. He never was the one who laughed at himself. Why work so much? Why struggle over nothing? Why lose my life like a fool over nothing? No he never had those thoughts and he never laughed over them.

And he never cared about people laughing at him until at last he died.

Well now you have clearly understood my point of view over the topic right?

No? Mostly yes, but if you have some doubt let me clear it by taking one more example.

Abraham Lincoln

As the legend goes he lost his election for about the 70th time. And still he continued. His family left him, his friends mocked at him. The whole society started laughing at him. Now tell me, did he ever laugh at his own shortcomings. He corrected it every time and fought again and again.

If he hadn’t, then our world map would have been totally different today.

If you want more examples look into life histories of Thomas Edison, without works of who the world would have been in darkness. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, etc… The list goes on and examples get better and better. Add all the legendary heroes, kings, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, etc… to the list. They never hit a goal on the first try, most of them were failures and people did laugh at them until their success.

Imagine a spider has senses of a human. It’s climbing a wall, falling but again trying. Now imagine we are all around laughing at it. Is it laughing at itself? It’s letting others to laugh, isn’t it? Is it caring if others laugh at it?

No… It’s trying hard and hard… And again trying…

So guys you decide yourself which side you are on. Are you on the side of people who laugh or are you on the side of the spider which is striving towards success?

Why care about others?

Now, I can’t cover more of the topic can I?

Those who can’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others… Yes, they are on the right side. Let them be the way they are. And even you be the way they are. Never laugh at them. If you laugh at them you will be on the lesser privileged side…

Again, why care about others?

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