Myths, Legends and Fantasies: why do we read them, why do we watch them?

By Kafayat Sulaiman. Kafayat lives in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Myths, legend, fantasies are interrelated. Myths and legends are symbolic representations of reality. Legend usually encompasses myths and fantasies. They contain strong wisdom that humans experience. Legends generally have a hero, or a heroine, and contain some truth or historic fact. It may also contain fantasy places or fantasy monster. Examples of legendary stories are those surrounding “King Arthur” and “The Lord of the Ring”. Myths often speak of supernatural being and contain content that might be compared to real life situation.

Many people watch and read legendary movies for various reasons. One of the reasons why people read and watch them is for pleasure. That is, people read them for relaxation or during their leisure time just to have fun and keep them busy. An example is the legend of “King Arthur” a lot of people know of the old popular historic event. Many people have keen interest in the book in order to have idea about the whole saga. Not only that, when the movie of the history was released a lot of people also watched it.

The people that read it were more interested in watching the movie. The reason is because they get to understand it better and also get to see a lot of things they’ve not seen before. Talk of the mythical creatures, like the dragon and so many others which were also mentioned in the book. Another thrilling thing about the movie is that you get to see fantasy places like “Isle of the dead” and many sacred magic places that one could not possibly imagine.

Another reason we read and watch legendary movies is to learn about the history behind such legend. Legends are usually very old and have a significant meaning in the culture in which they arise sometimes spiritual meaning. For example, it is said that “King Arthur” legend symbolizes “Englishness” and the history was traced back to the old England. Another typical example of a myth is that traced back to West Africa “Nigeria”. The mythical history of “Oduduwa” who was known as the father of the great “Yoruba” land. He was known to be very powerful and some people believe he passed the power down to the following generations. Some of his descendants in the later generation are “Sango” the god of Thunder, “Ogun” the god of Iron. Till now some people still believe in this descendant and call them gods because of their power.

More so, people read and watch legendary movies in order to broaden their horizon. Ever since I have been watching legendary movies, I got to know of different thrilling things like the mythical creatures, fantasy places, evil or dark magic and many more. I also acquired inspiration from some of the movies like “King Arthur”. The legend “King Arthur” went through so many difficulties which he bore with courage and later overcome all the barriers.

In addition, it is said that when you do good you receive good in return and when you do evil you’ll get it. There are lot of things that one could not possibly imagine could happen in reality but you get to see them in these movies. An example of this is the legend “King Arthur”, whose father detest magic so much not knowing her own daughter has magical power. He was later betrayed by her daughter, because she was shown how to use the magic for evil things. In the end she got what she deserved. This event teaches that you should watch whatever you do because that is what you will get. It also teaches to be courageous. Like in the case of “King Arthur” who was betrayed by his half sister.

Finally people read legend and mythical books in order to improve their vocabularies and also learn the skills of narration. Though some people may find reading a bit boring, it’s best to go for both reading and watching.

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