Fear vs Courage

By Sushmita Sruti Choudhury. Sushmita Sruti lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Courage is a very prominent and credulous word. Yet very complicated to actually define and understand if some people consider that boldness, braveness, roaming around broadening your chest and yelling that they are not scared of anything is actually being courageous whereas the actual definition lies here, right on the quote, stated by Nelson Mandela.

Human beings, the best and the foremost creation in this world, who have the exclusive power of intelligence, more than any creature in the world, are bound to except that each and everyone of them are scared of certain things. There is no one without a fear. Starting from a little baby to some very great scientists or very rich businessmen, all of them are scared of something. Along with the intelligent brains we have, the hormone adrenaline and a heart full of emotions, these emotions sometimes leads us to extreme happiness and satisfaction and at the same time fear of losing that feeling and circumstance. Again it sometimes leads us to extreme anguish and helplessness along with the fear of never being able to move on. In simple words, fear is such an emotion or abstract feeling in the same way as happiness and sadness. All of us are scared of losing, of dropping.

A new born baby who has no knowledge about these abstract feelings gets scared and startled right after coming to the earth out of mother’s womb. It stares and cries and eventually gets habituated to the new environment. This is where my point lies. A just born baby who does not know anything about the dangers of the earth or the feeling of getting scared, does not understand any of our verbal or facial language. It manages to win over its fear, a very unknown emotion to itself, and gets used to the new very unknown world. So what I mean is not only we are born with the adrenaline rush, terror, and habit of getting scared but we are also gifted with the inborn talent of being courageous, conquering our own fear ourselves. As we grow up, start getting acquainted with the new world, our fear starts to overpower the courage inside us. Our life starts with smaller tests and then gradually introduces bigger challenges, bigger frights in front of us. Few people are bold enough to cross them with many ups and downs, many losses and gains. But there are some who in the fear of losing and the terror of downs cannot reach the ultimate goal; they wander in their own lives.

As a baby grows up overcoming the fright of the bright light and new environment his real fears come. There comes his next fear, touching the ground making its own place on the earth he arrived on just a few months ago, all by himself. At first he is scared, the parents are even more. Trial by trial with a support or someone’s help it gradually wins over not only his own but also his parents’ fear, crawling over the ground and eventually replacing them with small steps. Then it grows up, faces the real challenges of life. From the starting of his school, to the journey of his professional life, there are many bigger and smaller frights. Fear of teachers, fear of studies, fear of exams and fear of results, he/she has to overcome all these fears to gain the ultimate goal of his life. Sometimes the student has many obstacles in his educational pathway. If he lives in a smaller city, there is the fear of coming to a bigger city, leading his life there without any dear ones in a completely unknown area. Begum Rokeya, Malala and all the other famous courageous persons are also scared about their opponents opposing their ideas, a hill tracker going to the upper ranks, or the Mount Everest is also scared of heights but it is the triumph over their fear which lead them towards their success.

If the person is interested in Fine arts but the family wants to make him a doctor, there is the fear of revealing it to the family members. All in all there is fear all around us. In an exam hall, if we are not able to overcome our exam fears and remain nervous all through we will not be able to come out with a better result. Similarly in the test of our life if we can’t triumph over our fears, we can never be winners. So from the first crawl to last breath of our life we have to fight our fears to remain courageous.

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