That Inner Feeling is Mostly Right. Don’t Fight it!

By Madighi Fubara. Madighi, 16, is a student at Western Ahoada County High School, Ahoada, Nigeria. Please read his article and leave your comments below.


“Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason” –Ralph Emerson


Can you hear that tiny voice whispering to you? It is saying, ‘I bet this will be a nice article’, yet you’ve not even read quarter of the article. Generally, there is always a tiny voice that resonates in each person’s head or maybe for some people it will be their hearts. This voice is usually clear, but our response to it seems uncertain. We are always torn between, ‘Should we follow the voice or should we not?’ Even at this crossroad of making our choice of which to do, we still ought not to confuse this voice with other chitter-chatter that might come to form our opinion for us. Despite the presence of all these voices, we can still effectively pick out that tiny voice because it comes with feelings and signs.

The 3-Vs (Vitals)

VI –INSTINCT- A feeling that makes one do something or believe that something is true, even though it is not based on facts or reason. It works like a natural impulse that is inbuilt in us. In fact, the instinct grants an individual the propensity to discern a better option in varieties without any sound back-up for it. Most importantly, it comes with different signals like a funny feeling, a gut twitch, goose bumps, stomach churn, danger feeling, misstep etc. As soon as one learns what his/her own signal is and what it signifies, then he/she is a step towards achieving the quote above.

VT – TRUST- Obviously, trust is a word that almost everyone is familiar with and can explain. Without a doubt, trust simply implies having confidence that something or somebody is true, sincere and honest.

VR – REASON –A cause or explanation for something that has happened or somebody has done.

By linking the 3Vs and the above quote one can simply explain the quote literally by saying that one should rely on one’s instinct even though one cannot give a lucid explanation. On the other hand, it can imply that one should trust one’s instincts even when it conflicts with other people’s opinions.

Education is Life. How?

A lot of opinions about education have been projected; a lot more will still be projected in the nearest future as evolution keeps turning the trend of time. Nevertheless, education is classified into two: formal and informal. Let’s bear that in mind as we unfold how education is life and its connection with instinct.

Erroneously, most have believed education to be only a classroom set up that requires attention, effort and money. But then that is not always the case.

As the tick-tock of the clock paves way for a new day, one thing keeps on occurring in our lives. We keep on expanding our horizon in terms of learning, both from experiences and from other people. With these points rightfully established, I can now confidently say that education is a process of teaching, training and learning to improve knowledge and develop skills. Besides, it is a continuous process that one undergoes as long as one still lives. Perhaps it could entail classroom work or normal informal learning that commences from someone’s birth till death. Some of life’s processes, we learn naturally without having anyone to teach us, like where to put food, how to fart, how to suck, crying, how to sit, etc. All these processes constitute the informal or natural learning process.

Evidently, each day comes with its prerequisite new knowledge. Hence, making education that is learning a continuous process. As long as life exists learning continues, therefore education is life. On the contrary, life cannot exist without education because our whole life orbits around continuous learning. Based on the ground that instinct is innate and instrumental to our learning process, it is therefore ethically sound for us to learn to use it in our everyday learning and life situations. In as much as we trust our instinct in our daily actions and in the course of life, we are actually undergoing education. With experience our instinct keeps teaching us why we should follow it even though we have no concrete reason to. However, what we should do is master our individual instinct signals and what they signify.

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