Be an Inspiration for Good Behaviour

By Nabisath Musiriya. Nabisath, is from Tamilnadu, India

Looking at the title we may think: what is the need for teaching social behavior? First of all, what is social behavior? ‘Social behavior is a term used to describe the general conduct exhibited by an individual within the society’. This type of behavior determines how individuals interact with one another within society. Lack of attention to social behavior leads to anti-social behavior like aggression, group bullying, teasing women or old people, and disturbs the environment. It may be the result of lack of guidance, wrong companionship, or an unpleasant experience in an early stage of life. My point of view is yes, we are in need of educating social mannerisms to students. But the question is where to start this change? For me, without any doubt, the right place is at school.

Various famous personalities have talked of education, showing off how important it is to have a good education in school. Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nowadays, we utilize this weapon not only to change the world, but it should be utilized to form a well behaved society. There are two types of education which John Adams stated as important. “There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live” Indeed it is the responsibility of school to educate how to live along with others and how to make a living.

There are many things that affect social behavior such as lack of parental guidance. A parent is a child’s first teacher and home is the first school. Responsibility goes to parents, rather than school or university in raising a child. Without this guidance, the result is a rude and aggressive mannered individual toward society. Nowadays, evolution of modern lifestyle and technology make people lazy. Interaction with surrounding society is very rare where socializing isn’t a priority, especially for students.

I wish to pinpoint a quote from Buddha: “An insincere and evil friend id one to be feared than wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body but an evil friend will wound your mind”. A good friend can shape good qualities in you and make you a better person; you are what your friends are! We can easily predict a person’s nature from those surrounding them.

Nowadays, competition exists in all aspect of society from birth to death. Consequently, education turns in to a business. Apart from providing a righteous and healthy environment, what schools actually impart is a competitive mentality. Without this, an individual can be in distress without the ability to endure hardship which may also result in anti social activity.

In order to establish good behavior in a student, a teacher can transform everything. As Malala Yousafzai said “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”. Take a look at some of the world’s most famous personalities, from Aristotle to Helen Keller who initiate massive change; many were teachers. Teachers with a friendly nature, understanding capacity and a new vision can enlighten good behavior in children.

With promoting social behavior, the education system will be upgraded. Students should be encouraged to get involved in social activities like social service. Eventually, they will learn to respect people and the value of fellow human beings. Different people, cultures and lifestyle with different qualities collectively make up a society. It is also the responsibility of the government to seek a solution to this problem. A revolution in the standard of education will be the solution.

Sports also provide a platform to teach good social behavior in a collaborative environment. Either in physical or physiological ways, sports have a wide range of benefits. Research shows that playing sports helps to improve physical health, positive spirit, higher self-esteem, and overcome behavioral issues. Encouraging students to take part in sports is the joint responsibility of teachers and parents. Team works helps to student learn adjustment and helps to overcome failures. Eventually, it leads to good behavior as well as better academic result.

Ethics is a collective decision or set of rules for a group of people that society follows. But morals are rules followed by an individual by one’s own belief. Ethics should be a big part of education to attain good behavior. Sydney J. Harris a well-known American journalist says “The whole purpose of education is to turn a mirror in to a window”. Yet, the truth, rather than being an individual who sees own reflection in a mirror, education should act as a window to see the entiety society. The whole purpose of education is to transform the opinions and views of people.

Let me conclude by saying ‘the world is nothing but a reflection of how you behave’. As a platform for future generations, social behavioral education is mandatory and it should be initialized in schools along with the academics. Schools should make an effort to implement good skills in students for getting rid of bad manners, as well as a providing better education. In order to welcome a well-behaving future generation it is every individual’s responsibility to be good mentor to others. When you change the way you behave; society will also change; leading to the nation’s revolution. So, be an inspiration for good behavior. Behave yourself! Before someone else tells you to. Change always starts with you!

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