Education: A powerful weapon to eradicate corruption and terrorism in the world

By John Dairo. John, 20, is a civil engineering student at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria.

Nelson Mandela said that “education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world”, which implies that the educated elite are entangled with a difficult onus of changing the world. But it is now antithetical, as graduates who are expected to be changing lives are found destroying them with their various attitudes. Since schools and universities are places where graduates are educated, then schools and universities should educate their students on social behavior, if education would be able to change the world.

However, it is duly the responsibility of schools and universities to educate their students on social behavior, because all forms of corruption and terrorism start at universities, in form of examination malpractices, stealing, rape, assault, fraud/scams, and cultism amongst others. Sundry world organizations and governments have been struggling to eradicate corruption and terrorism in the world over the years, but all their effort has proved futile. Even various spiritual organizations and religious leaders have kept clamoring on this issue, but little or no change has been noticed over decades. Schools and universities are the only institutions that can help to eradicate corruption and terrorism, which would start when schools and universities educate their students on good behavior.

Human rights have been violated over the years; there has also been a high increase in the rate of crimes and criminal expulsion in different countries worldwide. Who are the violators or offenders? Are they not the educated elite? Are they not graduates? Education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); it can also be leverage to achieve all other SDGs (including gender equality and human rights) and a better future for all that the world anticipates would become a reality. Moral education would help to curb all forms of corruption and violence in order to guarantee a better future. Some parents have tried enough in order to ensure that their children are impacted with the necessary moral education, but some other parents have neglected their duty, which turns their children to hooligans and thugs. The trained and untrained children would meet at various schools and universities; therefore, it is now the responsibility of schools and universities to educate their students on social behavior so that the trained children would not imitate the untrained children. Performing these responsibilities would not only curb and correct the untrained children, but would also go a long way in making the entire students better graduates in the future, and also guarantee a brighter glory for the country ahead.

Countries in the world that struggle with various challenges like terrorism, the economic crises, climate actions, poverty, inequalities, poor health and well-being of the citizens, poor or slow development, religious crises, tribal crises, insurgency and corruption, a few but to mention, would love to be free from all those excruciating challenges. Then the responsibility of various schools and universities to educate their students on social behavior would become de rigueur and not optional, because over the years, bad behavior and activities have become rampant in schools due to the lack of monitoring of the students by the school management and teachers.

It would be a waste of time, fund and resources for both the industry and the consumers if the products manufactured by the industry do not serve any utility to the consumers due to insufficient application of one of the nitty-gritty ingredients when manufacturing the goods by the producer. Likewise, it would also be a waste of time, funds and resources for the parents, schools, universities, society, government and various investors if the produced graduates are found by the Ergonomists to be useless, ineffective, and of dire behaviors. It would be shameful to compare educated elites or graduates with the aforementioned pathetic products. With this understanding that the development of a nation and the solution to the challenges that act like a behemoth to a nation are found in education. It is now time that all schools and universities should take up their responsibilities to educate their students on social behavior. Thereafter, all forms of corruption and terrorism in the world would be eradicated since they are embedded and entrenched in the appalling behaviors of the students.

In conclusion, this stunning success is believed by the writer to be able to convince and not to confuse the reader that schools and universities have a great responsibility to educate their students on social behavior. This is because the future of the world depends on the growing generation, if world peace and beauty should be maintained and improved upon, if this coming generation would be able to manage the world in the footsteps of our elders, then the responsibilities of the schools to educate their students on social behavior would become mandatory.

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