How schools and universities have shown their responsibility to teach their students on social behaviours alongside academics

By Erima Aaron Faleo. Erima Aaron is from Kampala, Uganda.

Social behaviour is the general conduct exhibited by an individual in society. A society can simply mean a collection of many people from different families, clans or tribes living together, thus schools and universities can be considered to be societies.

Schools and universities are societies of movement. Many people in schools and universities change and finish school or university with a transformed lifestyle.

Just as it is known to us that a society is made up of many people from different families, clans or tribes living together, different cultures arise and many people get adapted to them. Schools and universities have always taken a careful observation on the evolution of this new culture and have also acted accordingly to what is expected from them by the public.

Nature is inevitable when it comes to a connection between two or more people. The development of feelings for one another is slow and silent yet the desire for sexual satisfaction is quick, but through the great work from senior teachers, schools have been able to help students through counseling and guidance.

Schools have also made use of the PIASCY books and straight talk papers with articles about sexual behaviours (sexual education) and examples that teach students how to solve problems concerning sexual life.In society, people have different dressing styles. Schools and universities have always taken this seriously by ensuring that all their students have the right school uniform and the uniforms are of the same style and colour. Universities have always made rules and regulations that govern and direct the students the code of dressing and direct them on how to dress when they are in public.

Schools have also introduced extracurricular activities as part of the lessons undertaken at school. These extracurricular activities such as debates, drama and music have played a vital role in unifying students and teaching them morals, how they should talk, express themselves to their friends, and to the general public.In a society, not all people are good and kind. Some people have bad attitudes and are hostile to others. Schools and universities have established rules that punish any student who undertakes any action of hostility.Peer influence is common in every society and many people are victims. Some peer groups are good and do right things while others are bad and do wrong things. Schools have rules that govern the students and protect innocent students from their fellows with bad actions. The school also works hand in hand with the police in case a big crime is committed by a student, for example theft.

There are very many ways of talking to people in a society and languages to be used. It does not matter how many languages you can use, but the moral in that particular language. Schools and universities teach students how to talk when in public and how to talk to people in different offices, this prepares them for the future when they are out of school.

Many students have been victims of sex-related challenges, for example some girls get seduced by boys thinking that the boys are truly in love with them. They do everything to please the boys but at the end they find out that they were just specimens for the boys experiments. This is common, even in universities, but teachers have always taken the responsibility to help by showing them the way (guidance) to overcome such circumstances and encouraging them to keep their minds on education. Students are also kept so busy with work so they tend not to have time to think about loving each other.

Some schools and universities take religious education as part of their academics and they learn it as a subject. Teachers also use this to pass out information which is non-academic but aids students to understand what they should do in schools and outside school.

In the present day, the world has got very advanced, and people need to work in order to meet all their basic needs. Parents nowadays have become too busy with work and have limited time with their children. Some of them work very far from home so they send their children in boarding school or hostels as they attend school from there. Some parents work near home but come back late, so all the time the child has to be at school meeting the teacher for this reason teachers are the rightful people left to teach the children social behaviours on the behalf of the parents. Therefore, schools and universities have the responsibility to educate their students on social behaviours alongside academics.

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