Vision without Execution is but a Dream

By Victor Juma. Victor is from Eldoret, Kenya

My grandparents back in the village have never failed to drum it into my head the one and only phrase that has seen them excel this much in life: Procrastination begets frustration. Well,for those who didn’t utilize their school fees fully, to procrastinate is to put off doing something that you ought to do. The benefits of doing it now far much outweigh the harvest one reaps after doing it later, or perhaps never doing it.

Because every human being is born unique, this translates to the fact that there are well over six billion innovators the world population is withholding. For example, my writing has attracted admiration and accolades, despite my humble form four academic level. But despite this writing finesse, I’ve barely managed to achieve anything tangible and memorable. I know this is as a result of my dilly-dallying to boldly come out and execute my talent. Maybe by now, who knows, my articles would be jostling for slots in the dailies with those of experts and professionals. Could it be that I’m still sleeping on my innovation?

Well, I’ve been in class for sometime now [I am an untrained teacher] and I believe a good number of my pupils have benefitted and reaped a lot from my polished grammar. At least I feel I’ve done something for humanity, though little. That aside, there is quite a good number of great and noble men and women who have stunned the world with their amazing innovations. These innovations, thanks to their well planned and thought-out execution, have brought forth positive and dynamic changes to the life of man and his environment in general. Come to think of it, have you ever imagined how the world would be without these great men who upon inventing new methods of doing things, didn’t sleep on their innovations, but instead went ahead to execute them?

1.Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He made sure that his innovation is put into use. And true to his efforts, the telephone has evolved over time to become the world’s most valued and convenient form of communication.

2.The wheel, an invention of the Egyptians, is the world’s most precious invention. True,it has propelled and nurtured to full growth the all-important transport sector. Without the wheel, we would still be walking over very long distances.

3.Alexander Fleming invented Penicillin, an antibiotic that has saved millions of lives from dying.

4.And talking of invention, innovation and execution, the list is never complete without the Wright Brothers. They are feted for coming up with the first airplane. From Kenya, America is now just a stone’s throwaway, thanks to the execution of a bright idea by the two brothers.

Apart from those, there are many other innovations that have seen the light of the day. But this is just a drop in the ocean because, as I mentioned earlier, the world literary has over six billion bright ideas and new ways of doing things that are yet to be executed. My advice to all those reading this article is that let us be aggressive towards unleashing our full potential. You never know, maybe the world is waiting for you to bring forth the cure for AIDS. The world is waiting with abated breath for you to bring a long-lasting solution to all the warring nations. You might just be the Promised Messiah who will eradicate poverty in your little-known small village of Kagonya.

It matters a lot. The little things you do with determination are handsomely rewarded by God. And all this is possible only if we wake up from our comfort zone and begin putting into practice our ideas. Otherwise, they’ll all remain but a dream. I’m not so much conversant with arithmetic, but the little I know is that if the world has changed this much with the few inventions already in place, how would it be with just say, one billion new innovations?Therefore, dear fellow members of the human race, and more so the youth, let us wake up to the task and bring our ideas into proper and helpful use. Remember, just as Henry Ford once said,” Vision without execution is just hallucination”. On top of that, if you never test your limits, you will never know your full potential.

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