Is gender segregation in schools beneficial or detrimental?

By Adrole Yelstine. Adrole, 28, is a student at the International Institute of Business and Media in Kampala, Uganda.

Gender by definition is the conception of tasks, functions and roles attributed to women and men in a society both in public and private life, and as such it has both good and bad parts.

First and foremost, it results in poor performance of a pupil in a class. This is where a child who feels segregated in class maybe by the teacher on gender basis will not be free to participate in class, for example, telling answers in class hence affecting his or her performance in the class.

Secondly, the above can also result in an unequal mind development of the child. This is where the child will be left behind in copying the standards of other pupils.

More so gender segregation in schools can result to the early marriage of a pupil. This is when a child who feels that he or she has been segregated on sexual or gender basis and will not be in position to get good ideas on education, and as such may decide to get married at an early age.

Additionally, there will also be a problem of inferiority in class with such kind of pupils who feel that they have been segregated on a gendered basis and will always be shy.

Not only that but also, segregation on gender basis will not be of benefit in the sense that it can result in unequal development throughout the country. For example, if one has children who are all girls and they drop out of school, then the family will not develop like that one whose children are boys and have studied.

To add onto that, gender segregation will not be of benefit to a society because many school age children who feel that they have been segregated will drop out of school and start to misbehave and could result in the contracting of dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS and die, resulting to depopulation in the country.

And as a result of the above, there will also be the problem of labor shortages, both skilled and unskilled in the country. This is where many people who could be employed to provide labor will be killed by the disease.

More still, gender segregation will not be of benefit because it will only maintain the same people of the same gender into power or administration.

Furthermore, it will not be of any benefit as it can result in an uprising or violence against those in power, for example, this is where in a school if the head prefect is a boy and that is the gender favored by the school administration, girls could organize an uprising against the school administration.

It can also result in the promotion of corruption in the school. This is where the gender that is favored by the school can connive with each other to steal school property and as they are of the same sex no one will be there to point out their mistakes.

However, gender segregation can be of benefit in the following ways

First and foremost, it makes each gender have a set role in society . For example in some African traditions, women are supposed to cook food in the kitchen while boys cultivate crops in the field.

More so, it can be used to promote one gender for example, if a country like Uganda wishes that it needs only ladies to work in the government offices, it can do that through putting a policy that promotes only female education in the country.

Conclusively, gender segregation in schools can either be beneficial or non-beneficial depending on one’s thinking.

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