Living Your Vision

By Victor Odhiambo. Victor is the Academy Manager at Bridge International Academies, Kenya

Everyone is trying to construct and make their lives right yet it is not enough. The question is, where is your target? Focus? Is it truly in line with what you want to achieve? Some of us are like constructors who want to put up a building without a blue print. This can only result to frustrations, disappointments and dissatisfaction in life.

To have a vision, is the first step. A vision is heart inspired. Something you want to live for, stand for. Even live a legacy. It has nothing to do with fame and fortune. But everything to do with positive impact in the wake of it. Your vision is not directed solely to self but on others too.

A vision is the blue print of all dreams materialized to reality. To want to be somewhere or get to a specific destination, you have to think of it, plan for it and even take steps that direct you there.

Picture this. David decides he wants to visit Kenya one day. He decided he wanted to go there since the time his great uncle told him amazing stories of how beautiful it is there. For him, it all begun when he was five years when he had mental pictures of the game reserves, white sandy beaches in the coastal area of Kenya his uncle described. David begun actively saving up his allowance, doing any menial jobs he could get from the age of ten. He even started learning anything he could about Kenya from books, documentaries, websites. And each and every time, his dream of visiting Kenya was renewed, given another perspective as he got to be exposed to Kenya as a country.

At first, his parents dismissed his fascination as just a passing fancy from an impressed five year old. But as time passed by and they saw how dedicated he was to visiting Kenya, they started sharing his fascination. They couldn’t help it for his excitement was contagious.He couldn’t stop talking about it. Not only that, his actions matched what he wanted to achieve. From the menial jobs, how responsible he tried to balance his schooling with his research on Kenya was amazing.

At the age of 14, he decided he would visit Kenya at 18 years of age as his first stop to starting life as a grown up. His parents decided they would want to go with him. It was high time the family took a vacation together in “David’s exotic country”

By the time David was 18, he had more than enough money to cover for his trip to Africa specifically Kenya. Not only that, he had garnered so much support from his friends and family through the years. They saw his passion,belief in his dream of visiting Kenya. They saw him nurturing it and they shared it through him. They took the journey with him since his passion reflected his dreams and eventual vision.

Many of the failures in life are as result of people not owning their dreams. They have the audacity of dreaming them up but not fulfilling them. Some even cave in when the road gets rough. They don’t realize that a dream, it’s a vision to be fulfilled. And like most things in life, it doesn’t come easy but through sheer tenacity and an innate capacity to know their dreams, are bigger than them.

Excelling in life is all about being available to making the first move towards living your vision. A vision is not just a picture of what could probably come into being but rather, it is an ideal life led every single day that reflects on your vision. Ken Kessey an American novelist, short story writer, essayist and a poet states, ‘‘You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You head by going to that place and making a case.” As an education specialist at Bridge International Academies, I have always challenged myself. By just sitting around and dreaming about a great world does not make sense in anyway. But by being a reflection of my vision on what am opposed to has impact.

In my childhood, I used to think that it is big dreams that made a man whole. At one point in life I had a vision of becoming a renown author of motivational books and a life coach. That was just a dream, until I worked on it. Many people are still sleeping on their great dreams that need to be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what the dream is. Personally, I believe it is what the vision does that counts.

Living your vision is understanding that you have put your best foot forward. You might not become a star, get an award but still strive fully towards giving birth to your destiny. Quitting in the midst of the storm is the only separator of a person living their vision and just a dreamer. A visionary lives his visions. His life is a reflection of his destiny, what he wants to achieve eventually. He believes in his dreams despite every obstacle. He perceives challenges as a stepping stone to his vision, destiny.

A dreamer dares to dream. But a visionary dares to dream and make his dreams a reality.

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