The Role of Arts in Education

By Bhavya Jain. Bhavya is a student from Punjab, India

The lines of Philip Pullman are so very true that “Arts are of incalculable worth in what it means to be a human being”. Art is of paramount importance according to my personal view. Art is the only reason behind the evolution of man. Art has played an integral role in making a human being what it is today in this 21st century.

Ancient man used to converse through art, because there was no other medium of conversation apart from art, language developed much later. The cave paintings of those times, speak for themselves. They do not require any explanations.The definition of art goes beyond just drawings and paintings. Art is anything done creatively and with novelty, whether it is drama, photography, filmography, graffiti, painting, drawing cooking, etc. It includes a wide range of activities. Art helps us to disparage from the very obsession with league tables, theories and derivations and enables us to think out of the box and beyond those. It leads to socio-cultural development by developing skills of tolerance and teamwork. It leads to our overall development by horning our capacity in spacial and temporal reasoning. Art gives a room to innovation thus enhances our abstract reasoning and perceptional skills. Art also helps us to take a break from the monotonous rut of life, full of trials and tribulations.

What is more important is the fact that art is merging with with education, and awakens and nourishes a sense of wonder, the spirit of enquiry, the power of reasoning and the temperament and the skill needed for discovery of knowledge. The role of art in education is an ardent issue to discuss. Art can go hand in hand with education and can prove wonders. Throughout the ages, art has played a crucial role in developing one’s personality.

Art is universal and is accepted globally with great respect. Most of art has some beautiful reasons and purposes behind it. The arts should be made an essential element of education as it is the key that unlocks profound human understanding and accomplishment.

The arts have been an inseparably important part of evolution of humans. We depend on the arts to carry us towards fullness of our humanity. No one can claim to be truly educated who lacks basic knowledge and skills of art. Moreover, combining education with creativity is a more powerful and flexible technique towards learning.The very purpose of education can be achieved in a better manner by merging education with art for instance, including projects having theatre visits, making PPTs, carrying out experiments, and much more interesting things can be included in the daily curriculum to make learning even more interesting, lively, and rewarding. The aims of education imparted at the grass root can best be attained by art and education working together. Learning from simple to complex and concrete to abstract can be made much easier with the help of art, and can work as a much more effective way for most people. Schools tend to refine intellects but fail to discipline emotions, which is just not possible without the inclusion of art in education.

As per surveys conducted on the international level, the combination of art, with daily curriculum has accelerated good results, by increasing the learning and retaining power of the students and also by helping them gain clarity over their subjects. Moreover as a plus point, arts change the general classroom environment, making learning livelier, playful, and entertaining, thus making classroom teaching a rewarding experience.

Art does not only help to increase our grades, but it also adds spice to life. Art is a response to our individuality and uniqueness. Here I would like to raise a pertinent cardinal question: what in this world can transcend deep difference and stubborn divisions? The answer is art. Art is magnificent with impeccable universality. Art has the potential to unify. It has the capability to speak so many languages without a mouth.

So art is indispensable. Art is priceless; It is empirical, it awakens the creative imperative in us. It encompasses a very broad spectrum. It helps us to learn the true value of education itself.

Art is inexplicable, but, according to many education advocates, the arts are a panacea. It is an avowal that art leads everything to their fullness.

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