Art and Technology are Important

By Ryan Harsmok from the UK.

Today I would like to talk to you all about the role technology plays in art and why. I am going to list all the reasons why it plays an important role in art today.

1. Technology allows us to take pictures of art and share it with our friends, like in this photograph for example. The person who took a picture of this graffiti artist’s work can show their friends and they can talk about it.

2. Technology and notably social networks provide spaces where people can talk about art. For example you could text your friend saying, ‘I saw a beautiful Michelangelo painting last night at the Louvre; you should definitely look at it, because it is really interesting and insightful. I felt like the person in the picture was looking at me and trying to tell me something.’

3. Art helps make technology better, because the architects and designers who design objects like phones and computers these days are often inspired by art. To become a person who designs objects, you usually have to study art and this is how you are able to make technological art.

4. Technology allows us to use applications to make our art better. When we take a photo of the art we have done, for example, we can use our iPhone to make the picture brighter or give it a different filter so that the picture looks even better than the real masterpiece. This way, we can improve art and have lots of people liking it without necessarily being good at art, like me. I am very bad at art, but I like computers, so I use them to make art. I also like using the application Paint and other, more advanced, applications because it means I can create drawings and designs without the horrible torture of actually drawing with a pencil.

5. Something I have noticed recently is that some people film art and put music to the film to further the feeling and emotions the artist is trying to convey. I really like this, because I can listen to music whilst also looking at lots of nice paintings. This is another way in which technology plays a role in art; it enhances the feelings felt the people looking at the art and this is magical, because most artists want to make their fans feel something (often what they themselves felt while creating their masterpiece) and the music behind the paintings really makes a difference, because this way, two of five senses are connecting with what the artist wanted to say.

6. Technology helps artists be recognized. Art isn’t exactly a domaine of work that pays well, but if an artist gets known, through communicative use of technology, he can make enough money to quit his day job and do art full-time, which means he will create even more masterpieces and this is fantastic for all art-lovers, because the world will be full of art! If artists have the money and time to do what they do best, there will lots more art in the world and this will be thanks to the fact that people talked about art online or by text message and made the artists famous.

Art is a wonderful thing. One of the few reasons that I think technology is good is because it promotes art and those who are talented enough to create it. Technology has really made a difference to the art world and it is to be respected for that

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