Move to space

By Macey Harland from the UK.

Saving the planet means making the effort to not do whatever we want. When we came onto earth it is like we made a deal with the planet so that it would give us a home in exchange for respecting it, but we didn’t hold up our part of the deal. Now we need to do lots of things to make all this better, because we are not treating the planet the way we should and this is consequently not respectful. It gives us everything and yet we don’t even respect it, which is very mean of us. How could we do this? The planet has been nothing but kind to us.

Now we need to think of our individuals comforts. Are they worth it? No. They are not worth killing the earth, even though it is really nice to have them. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the easy life I have today, because I don’t think I would be able to survive. If someone came up to me and said that they were taking away from my house electricity, car, electronics and clothes, I would not know what to do. I am used to all of this, as are most people who live in first world countries today. It is very hard for them to accept that they need to save the world instead of simply thinking of themselves. I don’t see it as selfish, but in a way it is, because we need to think about others, especially our children. They will never get to see the world for the beautiful place it is, which is tragic, because I was so happy as a kid seeing the world. Even now I still love spending hours endlessly looking out of my window at everything, from grass and leaves to trees and branches. It is all so beautiful and wonderful and we are lucky to have it, so why destroy it?

I can’t believe people would not take care of the earth, but on the other hand I can understand, because we don’t really notice that we are destroying the world. That is why I am here to tell you how to make it better. We don’t notice it, but everything we buy comes from polluting factories, so you all need to stop buying from shops; just buy groceries and nothing else. We also need to stop using electricity and we should stop wearing clothes for just one day, because all electricity and water comes from somewhere and that « somewhere » is going to be an exhausted source of water and electricity if we continue using it for no good reason. It is a known fact that we all use much more than we need, so we have to stop that. If we all make a little difference, things will be okay, like if we turn off lights and don’t use our cars. We should sell our cars to garbage disposals and use the money to buy parts of land to protect. If we all own acres of land we can use what money we have to protect it and take care of it, so that lots of earth is safe from harm. We should stop developing technological industries altogether and instead just live as simply as possible. This will be good for the planet, not mean.

The world is an important place, because we actually get everything we need from it. Even though we think we live based on high technology and expensive goods, we actually live off the land, because all materials used to create what we buy comes from the earth. The earth gives us everything and that is why we must protect it instead of protecting ourselves.

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