Save us

By Hattie Truman from the UK.

I felt the wind blowing in my face as soon as I woke up. It was still dark, and the night had become a cold one during the hours through which I slept. Now, as I sat up, tired, head spinning like it always did, I felt as if I had somehow slipped into another world, far away and hidden in the clouds’ darkness, menaced by the icy breeze.

There was an explosion a little ways away, but I was still blind to the world around me, so I closed my eyes.

Sharp, soundless shards of glass shattered onto the ground around my feet, like millions of little crystals falling from the sky. They cut the pale blue air as they took advantage of the strong winds carrying them towards our land-bound world.

This will be our reality, if we don’t make a stand now. We are destroying the world and when we have nothing left we will be the only ones to blame. Our world is going to die and we will never be able to have a world like it again. We need to save the planet because it is dying. The world will disappear and we will all die, which is terrible, because humans have a good life on earth. We have a seemingly perfect life, so we need to keep things that way and not ruin the only home we have. Houses and cars mean nothing, because they can be bought again, but a planet cannot. Once we lose it, it will be no more and that will be the end of our existence. The dinosaurs went extinct thousands of years ago and this will be our fate too if we do not do something to change our way of life. We have no respect for the world that took us in when no other planet could.

I would do anything for this planet. I would give up my individual life satisfaction because the planet means much more to me, for it has given me so much.

I love my life and this is thanks to our planet.

When I was little I learnt to ride a bike and that was so fun, because the planet is so fun. I loved riding my bike in the park or on the road, because nature is beautiful and it is thanks to the earth that we can experience all of that. If the world was completely industrialized, like the way it is going now, we wouldn’t be able to have fun outside or ride bikes. I would be so sad. This would be a terrible world, because a world which is too developed is not a world anymore; it would be like living in a factory. Our world is beautiful due to the fact that it is natural. If it weren’t, our lives wouldn’t be good anyway, so we may as well save it.

We should all turn off lights when we go into a room! We should also stop using cars, because petrol pollutes a lot, so you should all walk to school if you can, or walk at least part of the way. This is important; it will keep you fit and also help the planet.

If we don’t help the planet, we are not helping ourselves either, which would not be clever. It is very important to everything in the world that we save Earth, before it is too late. Every little helps, so we have to make sure we are not using energy when we don’t have to, so, for example, we should not use electricity all the time if it is not necessary and we should also consider installing solar panels as opposed to using energy from electricity, which is bad for the planet.

Save our world before it becomes apocalyptic.

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