Saving the Planet

By Olivia Baker from the UK.

Our future will be awful if we don’t start saving the planet. We have been being ridiculous for too long now, which is why we need to hurry up and start looking after our natural habitat before it is completely destroyed. Who could possibly care about their personal and individual living standards in a world which is going to explode before the end of the century? We all headed towards certain and tragic death, along with our families and everyone we know, simply because we are greedy. Met with the realization that this is actually happening, we need to take a huge step back and stop what we are doing.

Stop making new phones. Stop developing computers. Stop putting huge plastic packaging around everything at supermarkets just so the product looks good. Stop using soda cans, because they release greenhouse gases. Stop eating animals and cutting down the forest for cheap land to raise animals before slaughtering them. Stop leaving lights on when you’re not at home; seeing the state our world is in, we should all have a limited number of lights per house. Stop cutting down trees to build more houses. Stop dumping rubbish and poison in the ocean, because when it drowns us all, leading us to a miserable death, it will have its revenge. Stop leaving your phone chargers plugged in all day even when your phone isn’t charging just because you know you will be too lazy in the evening to plug it in. Stop using high technology. Stop building new factories. Stop driving cars all the time and while we’re at it, we should stop selling petrol because it is killing our planet and is also a non-renewable energy which will run out soon. Stop throwing litter all over the place just because you’re lazy. Recycle, for Goodness’s sake. Stop working in a polluting factory and go work in a recycling centre, because that’s the only hope left for our world. Stop producing bottled water and just drink tap water. While you’re at it, spend some of that money marked for the latest iPhone on helping people in third world countries get access to clean water so that they have a chance at life too. Stop using your washing machine and dish water five or six times a day; wash your dishes in the sink and your clothes in the bathtub. Stop eating food out of cans because the factories producing it are destroying the planet. Stop promoting make-up testing on animals. Stop painting your walls because you don’t like looking at stone when you’re at home; paint is poisonous and is toxic for the environment. Stop installing elevators which require all sorts of energy to function; stairs are good for you. Stop buying hugely expensive phones and encouraging companies to make money out of destroying the environment for technology; a phone’s main purpose is calling people, so why get a phone which uses a lot of battery just so you can look at other people’s photos of their selfish selves? It’s no good for your eyes to look at a computer screen all day anyway. Stop tearing down trees to have paper for useless flyers to stick on people’s cars; everyone just rips them off and tosses them in the nearest garbage can, you know. Stop printing endless books; just tell stories to one another, because we need those trees for oxygen. The ability to breathe and therefore survive, or owning your own copies of books? It isn’t a hard choice.

You may read this and think about it for a while, and yet none of you will act, because yes, saving the planet is much for important that improving personal living standards, but not a single one of us is prepared to give up our comfort. So, what’s the point?

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