Technology, a world of its own

By Ethan Benedict from the UK.

Personally, I think technology makes art look much better. We can take pictures of the art and then use applications such as Photoshop to make it better. Art has been revolutionized by technology because of all the new ways we can develop basic art. Thanks to technology, art has been taken to a whole new level, which is great because now art is more appealing to young people.

Before, only elderly people looked at art, because no one young is really interested in art, but now we can add all sorts of special effects which make art incredible for all ages! It is now something accessible. For example, I like to watch manga movies online and this is a fantastic form of art. The drawing in every film is very intricate and it is difficult to make a movie like this because it requires a lot of careful attention and time. It is an example of a new form of art that appeals to young people. We would much rather watch something that is moving and has a story plot rather than look at a picture portraying the main character in a biblical story we don’t know about. People these days are not necessarily less educated than our predecessors, but we like things to be simpler, because we are used to a world where everything is done for us, either by society or by technology. Everything is so simple, so stimulating our brains by looking into the details of something just appears dull and boring to young people. Now, we make all different sorts of art which can interest all ages. I really like seeing what technology can make of art because I like seeing how things have changed since the first painters known to our world began to paint. The sculptures of ancient times that we study at school are very interesting, but in my free time I like to see modern art.

Music is also a form of art. It is, in fact, the most magical form of expression anyone knows of, because we can listen to the words and melody and feel exactly the sensations the artist is trying to convey. Music requires technology to be shared and if we didn’t have technology we wouldn’t be able to do all these amazing things. I always used to listen to music when I drew, when I was younger. Classic jazz, modern rap, rapid dance numbers… It all seemed to be what gave me a passion for what I was doing. Somehow the music’s deep melodies reminded me of why I was so determined to keep going. Their lyrics got me thinking about new extremities and possibilities. Endless barriers were holding me back, but what was stopping them? Silky smooth violins and uplifting drum beats took me to places I could never have fathomed- and as I began writing about those eccentric situations, I could feel myself starting to see the door to a world beyond what I knew. As I switched between styles of music, I witnessed the surroundings of a lot of different places. It is because of music technology, such as music players and earphones that we can listen to music as we work or do things at home, which is incredible. Personally, I don’t think I would ever be able to draw or even do my homework if music wasn’t there to motivate me. It is really incredible to hear certain melodies when you are doing certain things, because I find it motivates me to achieve something in my life. With no background music, I feel small and insignificant, but with music in the background, it feel like I am in a movie and have a real life to live rather than a pointless existence with no tension or climax.

Art comes in all forms, such as drawing, music and writing, but music is definitely my favorite form of art and in my opinion, technology doesn’t make music better (I don’t like it when music is made by computer and when the singers have no real talent) but does allow people all around the world to appreciate it, which is wonderful. I am so thankful to technology to allow me this pleasure in life.

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