Technology and Art are complimentary

By Cassandra McKeith from the UK.

If technology plays an important role in art, art also plays an important role in technology. Every time something technological is created, art is involved because designers have to design exactly what they want the phone or computer to look like and some designs are really incredible, such as the Samsung S7 Edge, whose design really is remarkable. I find it wonderful how companies manage to make such things; it is true art. Also, the buildings used for large companies such as Microsoft or Apple are very architecturally sound too, which is fantastic, because that means they are artistic. Some buildings have such impressive windows; this is modern art.

Going back to the role technology plays in art, it plays a large role and this role is that technology is responsable for taking pictures of art. Art is magical and should be shared all the round the world and technology, such as phones and cameras, are a way to do this. People can send pictures of their favourite artwork to their friends and this makes art famous. Art is famous because it is bought by rich people who want to show off their wealth, but if the rich people have never heard of a certain artist they can never buy his or her art. Phones are used as communication devices, which means that people can share ideas about art and artists. Artists become famous thanks to their publicity, which is maybe what the artist in this picture decided to do. This graffiti artist was maybe strapped for cash and wanted to show off his artwork (which is indeed rather impressive; I have always wanted to be able to do graffiti like that, even though I think it is disrespectful to do it in the streets), so he took a photo of it and perhaps published it online. So art would be lost without technology; before, people had to rely on talking and verbal communication to hear about concepts such as art, but now it is easier, which is a great leap forward in the art world.

Technology has also helped artists moved forward by allowing them to create Facebook pages. Artists are like low-key celebrities, so they can make people know about them by creating pages where their fans can like and look at everything they do. This way, fans and other people who are interested in a certain artist can look to see if they are doing any exhibitions or shows in the area and then they can come along. They can also look at pictures of the artist’s masterpieces if they enjoy looking at art. Having a lot of likes on Facebook can make you very popular these days, so it is good to have a page to share with everyone. I have a page because I like to do drum covers of my favourite songs with my girlfriend and this is very fun for us, because we both love drumming and this allows people around the world to give us constructive criticism. I think this is good for artists too, because then they can see what they could do better to improve their craft and make more money. This is, therefore, helpful to both the artist and the community who is interested in them. It is great for jumpstarting their career.

I think that technology has revolutionized art in many ways, including the way you can develop your art. Many people I know go online (so using technology) to look up models of what they want to draw or paint, copy the models and then are more able to do it on their own because they have learnt how to do it. They find this really interesting and even though I don’t like art because I have a very shaky hand and therefore am terrible at it, I think this is a very good idea.

Art has been changed by technology, like technology has been changed by art. They are two very large sectors of interest for different people and compliment each other well.

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