Technology + Art

By Elizabeth Adine from Spain.

I think technology plays a very important role in art, because it is our way of spreading art throughout the world. We can see in this photograph that someone is taking a picture of art and this is how other people will see the art. This may seem like nothing, but it is fascinating. Without technology, like mobile phones and computers, we might not be able to be able to share our creativity with the world. I love to draw and I always take pictures of my art to put on social medias such as Facebook. That way people tell me what they think and I can decide to either improve my craft or keep it as it is. There are many others reasons why technology plays an important part in making art a large part of our lives.

Technology means the ability to connect with many people. If art wasn’t shared with anyone there would be no point in doing it. I don’t like drawing if I know that no one will see, because I like representing my ideas and the attention makes it all worth it. When you don’t get credit for what you do, I don’t see the point in doing it. We only live once so if we want to do something we must share it with the world and try to make a difference. So everyone should take pictures of what they do and send them to all their friends, because when your friends tell you your art is good, it suddenly becomes more worthwhile.

Technology is also a way to develop art, like on Photoshop. We all have smartphones and can modify or retouch the photos we take, so we can improve art and make it more modern. I think technology is our link to the modern world, which I find more interesting that the old one because we can talk to people all around the world now. So, when you take a photo, you an use technology to put a filter on it or add special effects that are better than the original masterpiece. We spend a lot of time looking at old paintings and reading old literature, but we want future generations to be able to see and study complete different things, because the most important characteristic of planet Earth is that it is always changing. So, in two hundred years, people will see our art with lots of special effects and added colors and wonder how we did it. If we don’t change what we are doing, we are going against what the universe wants.

Without technology, art can not always be preserved. I can see in this photo that the person is taking a picture of graffiti. I find graffiti pretty, but it is often considered illegal so many people wash it off the walls, not to mention that the rain and other types of weather will make it disappear on its own. People in the future (maybe just a few weeks) might not see this art, whilst others will not see it the way it was supposed to be. However, by taking a picture of it, people can see it as it was originally created. Nobody can draw over the graffiti or damage it, so that the artist can get credit for what he really did. This is very important, especially for the artist.

To conclude, art is nothing without technology. Well, it is very pretty to look at, but that doesn’t mean it has the same great effect as when technology is used. Technology not only makes the world go round but makes art much more appealing, which I find perfect. On this note, please feel free to check out my drawings and tell me what you think!

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