Technology in Art

By Ray Burns from the UK.

What role does technology play in art? An amazing one, because technology is art.

Look at all the Apple and Samsung products we have today; they are beautiful, like art. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is incredible because the edge is curved and you can see newsflashes on the side of your phone. People in the olden days had never seen anything like this, but today people keep creating new technology to astound us. It isn’t easy to invent telephones, especially ones that can do all sorts of wonderful things such as recognizing your voice, allowing you to access the internet and having a tracking system that means you can find your phone if it ever goes missing. Just looking at an Apple iPhone 6 is like being witness to one of the most beautiful masterpieces of all time. Apple is great because they strive for perfection and that is what makes their products like art. I also find Samsung phones beautiful because they often have lovely colours, they are very resistant and the screen is of good quality. They are expensive, but not as expensive as iPhones, meaning that they are more accessible to the public, the way art should be. Technology is the way technicians and inventors express their creativity.

This picture shows a person taking a picture of some art, which shows that technology has an important role in art and creativity. I believe it is partly because of technology that art is created, because technology is inspiring. We see these amazing inventions such as the aforementioned phones and tablets, so this makes us want to be creative too. Art can represent the complexity of our thoughts and the mechanics of machinery remind us of this long thought process. Both art and technology are extremely complex processes which is why they can complement each other in a way that makes the public very happy. It is as delightful to see a new computer as it is to see the artwork of a famous artist.

Personally, I think the art that the person is taking a photo of in this picture is beautiful and I am happy that a picture has been taken of it, so it can be shared with many people all around the world. Technology such as cameras and phones and tablets allow us to take photos of the art we see, so, for example, if we go to an art museum, we can take pictures of our favourite masterpieces and consequently see them forever. It is important to keep a special sort of record of the art we see and like, because otherwise we might forget it, which would be sad. Perhaps the person taking the photo felt some emotions when they saw this graffiti artwork, so when they look at the picture of it, they can remember everything they felt when they looked at it for the first time and this could inspire them to do lots of things. Many people find art inspiring, so if this person can be inspired because of the photo he took, this is great. If the whole world shares art and inspires each other, people will be capable of amazing things and this will all be thanks to the artwork people have seen and then been inspired by. Maybe our world will be able to be saved because people will have seen art and wanted to do amazing things.

I think art and technology are very closely linked, so help each other to be better. Technology helps us to share art throughout the world and art is used in technology, such as for the default screen savers on iPhones and Samsung phones. These images are beautiful, because some artistic photographers are talented enough to take great photos which make technology even more impressive. For example, I wouldn’t buy phone if the screen saver was ugly.

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