The Future

By Alex Sudlander from the UK.

There is no reason to destroy the planet. Would you destroy your own personal living space by throwing toxins all over the floor? I don’t think so. So why do that to our communal living space? If you do that, you are just like the people who let their dogs go to the toilet in parks; it is disrespectful for the other people who have to come by and use that space also. In the case of the planet we live on, billions of people suffer from what careless people do. Big companies put their waste wherever they want and so therefore we are all suffering. No product is worth the destruction of the planet, especially not things we don’t really need, like dresses made out of meat for Lady Gaga. Speaking of outrageous clothing, wearing fur is a disgrace because animals are much more important than a coat. We are just so nasty to our planet; I can’t believe it.

Improving individual life is good, but not as important as improving the state of the planet, because our lives don’t last very long compared to the life of the earth. The earth has been around for years and the way people were living before was not detrimental to it, but our way of life obviously is. We should go back to living the way our ancestors did, because they were kind and generous to the planet. They did not just think about themselves, which is the opposite of what we do. We would all, I think, rather have a very comfortable life than know the planet will survive for longer than we thought. We have all thrown litter on the ground before and yet think nothing of it. We think we are good people, but we are not. We do not care about our environment, because if we did, we would do something. I mean, think of someone you love. I love my boyfriend, for example, because he is great and we have been together for almost three years now. Now imagine the person you love is in trouble; perhaps they have a sincere medical condition and need a complicated operation but don’t have the money to pay for it on their own. Would you not sell all the consumer goods you have in order to help them get that operation they need to stay alive? I know I would.

So why don’t we do this for the planet? If we all gave up on improving our selfishly high level of living, we could nurture the planet back to what it once was. The problem is that we don’t care and if we did really care we would have done something by now.

The solution, in my opinion, is not to make things like solar panels to keep up our selfish lives, but to stop what we are doing and go back in time. I think it is too late to start trying to gently modify things. If we want results (our planet being okay and us being able to envision a future for our future families and ourselves), we have to stop everything. No more electricity can be used to pollute the planet and petrol should be banned and factories should be closed down.

I think we need to stop mass production, turn the huge buildings we have already built into farms and ecological places, not factories, shops and business buildings. We want an amazing life, where we can have whatever we want, but this earth is not able to give us this. If we want a life like that, we should have built it on more solid foundations, like by using sustainable energies instead of just things we can’t hold on to.

Our society and our comfort is killing the world, so why keep doing it? We must have some humanity left in us. I think I am going to start a group at my school in order to talk about these issues and try to find solutions, because it is important to me. Lots of people should also do this, because it could perhaps help in making people aware of what is going on. I find that many of us don’t know that we are being selfish, so we have to teach them, the way teachers teach toddlers how to read and write. The future of our earth depends on it and in my opinion, this is a worthy cause.

In conclusion, we should save the planet because we will never have another. Earth is inhabitable because it has certain characteristics that humans need in order to survive, so it is our last chance. Don’t break those who keep you alive.

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