Too late

By Bethany Thompson. Bethany, 16, is from Anlaby, UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It is extremely important to save the planet instead of improving individual life, because the planet is so much more significant than any of us. Even the most important people are not as important to our lives as the planet, because the planet is our physical home.

We spend so much time thinking about art and education, but we forget about our physical needs. I don’t think we realize that ambition and success is nothing if we have nowhere to sleep at night; this is exactly what is going to happen if we don’t start taking care of the Earth. The icebergs will melt and will all be underwater, no matter how much money and technology we have. There is no point developing anything at all if the world is going to be destroyed in less than a century, so what good is the improvement of individual life? We need to save the planet before we work on new technology or making ourselves comfortable, because it is pointless. I don’t understand why people are constantly trying to make their lives better when they are just going to be taken away when the Earth can’t support us anymore.

However, we can also see that it is possibly too late to repair what we have already done to the Earth, so maybe it is not worth trying to save it now. Maybe we should just improve our individual lives and make the most out of the time we have left, which would be good because there is no point saving what is already dead. Considering this, I think we should actually do everything we can to have the best possible life while we still can, because no matter how hard we push for people to change, it won’t happen. Factories will always throw out their waste in the sea and people will never care more about the planet than about their personal comfort, so why should any of us make the effort? A few of us turning off lights will not undo what huge companies and organizations do. In Rio de Janeiro, the water is so polluted and contaminated that people have to wash their boats after they have been in the water. This isn’t a world that can be saved. The icebergs are melting and no one has the powerful to stop influential people doing whatever they please. This is why sea levels have risen so dramatically. So what’s the point?

Following this train of thought, I think we should all improve our own personal comfort. Do whatever makes you happy because both the Earth and its inhabitants only live once. As we can see, the world’s life is coming to an end and because of what wealthy people are doing to the environment, normal people like you and I can do nothing to reverse this. We will only be disappointed in fifty years when our efforts have been for nothing. Can you imagine someone in this day and age sacrificing an expensive sports car for the good of society? No, people just want to show off, looking great and rich. They don’t care what happens to their natural habitat, so why would we do what we can for a world controlled by people who couldn’t care less? I honestly believe it is too late, because of everything we have done in the distant and recent past. We have acted like cruel animals, killing animals and forests and setting huge parts of the planet on fire. Now we will pay the price; perhaps that will be the only way for us to understand the error of our ways.

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