We Must Make An Effort

By Harper Jones. Harper, 16, lives in Los Angeles, United States. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Hello, everyone.

Today I want to talk you about saving the planet, because this is the most important problem in the world. We all think that our little problems, such as break-ups or fights with friends are tragic, but actually they are not, because at least we are alive. It is good to be alive, even though we don’t realize it. What is good is protecting the planet so that we and our future children can stay alive for a very long time. Nothing else matters if we are destroying Earth, because we will soon die if we do not take care of it. This would not be good.

The worst problem for Earth is the pollution created by factories who dump their waste in the seas. I have seen a lot of pictures of marine wildlife dying because of oil spills. Imagine all that black toxic poison being poured into the oceans we swim in; the quantity is unbelievable, which will lead to soon death. We can not live in a dying world, despite thinking that we can do whatever we want.

Humans think they are capable of whatever they want to do, but the planet isn’t ready for that. The planet can’t take what we are doing to it, because it is not an iPhone. It does not have updates every few months so that it is adapted to our new technological needs. It was made for humans like cavemen who lived off the land and if we really want to protect it we should be like this. WE don’t need everything our society has, but I think it is too late to go back now. Our problem is that none of us want to be cavemen.

Now that we have had a taste of what a luxurious life is like, we can’t really go back. It would be too hard and too unbearable for us, because we were born into this luxury. Even those of us who don’t necessarily live in mansions have all the latest telephones, which is strange because we don’t realize that we all have a very cushy life. We have all the electricity we want and do what we want as well; this is all we really need to be content and spoilt.

This brings me on to my next point-the earth has spoilt us. It has always been there to cater to our ridiculous needs even though that is what is killing it, so it has never taught us to stop what we are doing. This is very nice of the planet, but it can’t continue doing this for a long time. It is like taking every penny and trace of happiness someone has and then hacking them into little pieces just to use their flesh for one last meal. It is nasty and selfish and I actually hate humankind for doing this to the planet. All the other planets will be fine, but not ours and we are to blame. Humans should never have been allowed to inhabit the earth, because look at what we have done to it. We are monsters.

Some people say that there are martians on Mars and maybe some other extraterrestrials on other planets. We shouldn’t be scared of aliens or think they monsters, because actually they are taking care of their planets. There are no factories polluting Mars just so the martians can strut around with their smartphones. We are the monsters. Each and every one of us. Even those whose pretend to care about the planet, by turning off lights or talking about saving the planet, are almost as selfish as the rest of us. Not one of us would give up our individually comfortable life.

Would you be prepared to become a caveman for the cause, giving up your comfortable house and life? I doubt it. The only people not really disrespecting the earth are those who don’t have the money to be corrupt monsters like the rest of us.

Some say it’s already too late, but maybe we can still do something.

Save. The. Planet.

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