We Should Move to Space

By Adrian Hartford. Adrian, 16, lives in Fayence, France.

My question is this: why would personal living standards be more important than saving the planet? I can’t find any argument to support saving our individual selves instead of the entire world, because that would be selfish and irresponsible.

Our personal living needs are important, but not as important as the needs of the planet: it is our home and gives us life. In return, we are supposed to allow it to do so, which is not what we are doing currently. What we are doing is entirely destructive and that is why we need to stop this. If we don’t change how we treat the planet, it could be the end of everything we know and love, which would send us into turmoil. We would never be able to survive without the earth.

However, I don’t think we will be able to save the earth, because people love the modern progress we have made more than the satisfaction of helping the environment. So, we need to find alternatives.

If nobody is capable of saving planet earth, I think we need to take advantage of the technology and money we have now to start building space shuttles to keep us alive when earth is no more. We can start creating a life for ourselves somewhere else, because we obviously don’t respect earth enough to be allowed to stay there.

We should put all our efforts into moving society into space so it can develop there; maybe it will be easier to keep up our personal living standards than this planet. We are obviously not satisfied with what earth can give us, because we keep pushing it to its limits and we have almost pushed it over the edge. Its survival relies on our ability to leave it and pollute another area in the galaxy. We are barbaric and must leave.

The earth should not have to put up with us anymore and this is why I think we should all use our technology to move to another planet and live there. Then we can see our impact on earth from afar, and then maybe we will understand that we were wrong to treat the planet badly. There was, and is, no reason for this, but somehow people just don’t seem to care. I think having to live in a confined area in a space shuttle with thousands of other people would do us a world of good; we would get what is coming to us. This would also teach us to get along better with people of different cultures, because we would have to live together in a smaller space.

If there is a chance that we could save the Earth, we should take it and should definitely make the most of it before we leave for space, but the earth shouldn’t have to suffer anymore. We have sadly taken everything it has: this is why I think we should leave it alone now.

What we can do before we leave for another planet, is to make sure we put our litter in recycling bins and not on the ground. Big factories should make an effort with their rubbish disposal, because there are islands of trash near some countries in the sea because of everyone who throws their rubbish in the water. This is disgraceful, because no one should be allowed to use the world as their dumping ground.

We need to turn off lights wherever we can, because this will save electricity. We also need to recycle, because this means we can reuse our waste instead of filling up landfill sites and polluting the entire planet. Recycling is one of the best ways to show that we care about the planet, because at least we would be reusing the things the planet allows us to create. If everything we throw out is recycled, we wouldn’t have to keep abusing the world for our needs, but reuse what has already been made.

In conclusion, we need to move to space, or another planet. Not only will this give Earth a chance to get back on its feet, but it will also allow us to understand that if we want a perfect planet to live on, we have to take care of it, or we won’t have it anymore.

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