What have we become?

By Izzy Collins from the UK.

We absolutely must save the world before it’s too late. If we don’t start saving it now, we will die before knowing what the planet really has in store for us. The earth is a beautiful place to live – we must take care of it because we will never have another one like it. Our personal lives don’t mean a thing compared to that of the world, because the world is made up of billions of individual lives, meaning that it is more important than just one person. One person can’t change the world, but all together we can make a difference, which is why we need to stand together. The planet is like our leader and without our leader we are nothing. Without us, the planet would be fine, but without the planet we would not even exist; the planet is much more important than us individuals, because it is really a magical place. Nothing will ever compare to an earth allowing us to use its resources to build a world and a home for ourselves. We are always reaching out to aliens, but we do not know about them. Some of us don’t even believe that they exist. Why do we not know of them? Because they are not making a mess of the universe we all share the way we are. Even though they might be oddly coloured or have completely different ways of life to the one we know and are used to, they take care of their environment and are not destroying it with poisonous chemicals.

It would seem that even though individual lives are much less important than saving the planet, very few people see it this way. People I talk to don’t actually care about the state of the planet, and this is because our way of life teaches us to be entirely indifferent. None of us really think about what we are doing to the universe, even though it is often a topic of conversation and I truly believe that whilst some of us find the possibility of the human race going extinct to be daunting, not a single one of us realizes how close we are to having that really happen. We are endangering our lives and our homes, so I am writing to tell people that it is real. We are not used to not getting what we want, not only with regards to the people and situations around us, but also with regards to the world we live in. We treat it horribly. Yet, up until now it has supported everything we have chosen to do with it. Look at New York, for example. The city itself is more than an entire planet should ever have to take. We want to make our lives and the lives of those around us as great as possible, but in the long run we are just making things worse for everybody, and the horrible thing is that nobody cares.

We all think we make an effort by turning off lights and recycling and because this makes us feel good about ourselves, we stop worrying about the problem, as if turning off a light would make up for what we are really doing. We don’t seem to realize that every little thing we do has consequences. When we buy a bag of crisps, we are encouraging companies that use exorbitant amounts of polluting plastic just to hold a few potato crisps.Yet, people these days only think about themselves, no matter how hard we try to make ourselves think we are generous and caring. I know some incredible people and yet every one of them is destroying the world around the without even knowing it. The situation we are in and the way we have developed societies has turned us into monsters and personally, I hate what we have all become.

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