Technological Art

No matter what we do, technology will always control our lives. It is like art to us because even the most traditional of us are obsessed with it and cannot live without it. If you’re reading this article right now, it’s because you have a computer, phone or tablet connected to the internet. If later this afternoon you want to meet up with friends, you will use a telephone to call them or a computer to send them a message on your favorite social media website. If you want to organise a party, you will print out invitations using your printer or just send an instant message to everyone you would like to invite. We all use technology for every day life. Look, here I am saying we are all controlled by technology but I’m sitting at my computer writing this article and listening to music on my iPod. The world has been taken over by all of this new advanced technology. Even though we think it is fabulous because of everything it allows us to do, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t lost a precious part of the world.

How many of you, in this day and age, spend time going to art museums? We all think that is something only old people do, because young people of today would much rather call their friends, go to the movies or spend time on their computers. Very few of us would enjoy a trip to a great art museum, because we feel like we are disconnected when we do so. Our real lives and what we care about is entirely based around the technological advancements of today.

Oh, I just received a text from my friend. We’re going to the shopping mall this afternoon because he wants to buy himself a new tablet.

It will be a great afternoon. We will probably go to McDonald’s and order our food on the machine, watch a movie at the cinema and then head over to the electronics store to browse the aisles. I doubt we will be thinking about art and the beautiful paintings that have been done by true artists over the years.

Society is changing and even though we may not realizing technology is completely taking over the place art used to have in our world. Nobody spends time thinking about art the way they used to; people used to really enjoy going to see art exhibitions and artists used to earn a salary because they would paint people’s portraits or sculpt for famous people. Now, people have much more respect and consideration for those technicians at Apple who provide us with new iPhones every month and those at Samsung who have actually created a curved telephone so that we can see newsflashes on the curved edge of it. These are amazing and baffle us more than a painting does. I quite like art, but I can’t talk about it with any of my friends, because no one these days is interested.

Technology has replaced art. Some may say that it helps promote art because we can take photos of the masterpieces we see, this is not entirely true in my opinion. Perhaps technology is just making up for the fact that they destroyed any future art had in this world. As the saying ‘video killed the radio star’ explains, something new will always come along and take the glory away from what was there before. Radios were a great invention back in the day, but as soon as people found out they could watch the movies and series they wanted on video, hardly anyone was interested in radio stars anymore. It is the same sort of thing with technology and art, because art is what people used to love and technology is what people love now. When the older generation starts to die out, no one will really be interested in art anymore and I’m even starting to wonder if artists will even exist three hundred years from now. Nowadays, artists all have to have a second job or live off of someone else, because art doesn’t pay. Technology does. If you work with computers instead of paints your whole family will be forever wealthy. But at what cost?

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