Educating Boy To Be A Powerful Leader

By Dewi Ningsih. Dewi has several years’ experience teaching English (EFL). She has recently started a blog on learning English for Indonesian readers. She lives in Aceh Jaya, Indonesia. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

I do agree with this quote. When a man can stand adversity, it means that he has a power. A power to control his emotion and to manage his heart when facing problems so that he can stand for it. But not all men can keep a good character when they have another form of power. What is meant by power in this case? If you open an Oxford dictionary, you will find many definitions of power such as: the ability to control people or things, ability or opportunity to do something, and political control of a country. From these definitions, it can be concluded that the power which can test man’s character is the power of being a leader. A leader with opportunity to get strength, intelligence, skill, wealth, authority, trust and political control and also a power to influence people. If they can not be controlled, so they will control the leader to become a bad character.

That’s why some people say that being a leader is not easy job. It is not only difficult to run the people of country, but also difficult to manage your own heart whilst trying to be a good person. So, the goal is not only to have a successful leadership, but also be a successful leader.

In this life, there are many examples of successful leadership, but not of a successful leader. A successful leader is a powerful leader. A leader that has the power to maintain power itself. So he can avoid pride, corruption, harming others, disloyalty, and other bad things.

Every man is a leader. This is the reason why parents prepare their boys to become leaders. More precisely, a powerful leader. Many parents teach their boys to be strong and brave (not whiny in hard situations), to never give up and have a fighting spirit when life is hard, when he goes through ‘adversity’. But, how do you prepare them to become strong in prosperity?

Introduce POWER to your boy

Power His Love

Love is powerful. Affection helps him to accept the shortcomings of others. When he loves something, he will take care of it, treat it well and wont hurt it. He wants everything to be OK at all times. It indicates his concern and from this feeling he is going to start sharing and giving charity. A boss who loves his employees will do anything for their success. The same principle applies to a president when carrying out his policies to his people. Oneday, when your boy become a leader, his people will feel comfortable with his existence because of his affection. Just show your love to your boy, and others, so he will learn from it.

Power His Gratitude

Power of his gratitude will make him happy.The more grateful, the happier. In fact, life is not always beautiful. Grateful allows positive thinking. When he experiences adversity, he is grateful to experience it. He is grateful that his adversity gives him many lessons and strengths. Likewise when he gets prosperity he is grateful. He is thankful for his prosperity because he is happy to do anything for kindness and usefulness. Teach him to be thankful, start with a little thing like being grateful for seeing a smile in the new morning.

Power His Faith

The frequency of inviting your boy to worship will strengthen his faith. He will become accustomed to applying the good teachings of his religion. He will learn about rights and obligations. Powerful faith will be a limit when he is at the edge of evil. He will recognize both good and bad things. Even when he does something wrong, he will know the right way to handle it. Be a role model of religious parents.

Power His Respect

Tell him that respecting others will not make him weak, he should respect himself as well. Just show him that you really respect him. Get him to discuss many things and hear what he says, it shows that you respect his ideas. Involve him in making decision, until he is able to choose something alone. It shows that you do not obtrude. Give him praise in every good job or opinion he has but do not exaggerate, it will make him arrogant. Invite him to visit the house of relatives and neighbors so that he will learn about hospitality. He will learn how to be polite to others.

By growing the power in your child’s heart, at least it is able to reduce your worries for the emergence of tyrannical leaders. J

One comment on “Educating Boy To Be A Powerful Leader

  1. Deepak on

    What absolute wishy- washy rubbish. The writer might as well say, be happy in your powerless state and praise the Good of Meatballs up in heaven. If the power of faith had any teeth, no one would die. And what faith are we talking about, by the way. The Christian faith as it crushed Indonesia, the Muslim faith as it destroyed Africa. Were the Victor’s the true faith, it did the losers have any less faith as they prayed for their deliverance as their heads got chopped off. It is time to accept that it is out actions rather than Santa Claus who can bring us a better world.


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