The role of education

By Mohamed Qadar Sheikh. Mohamed Qadar lives in Kenya and is a student at Wajir High School. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

In my view, nowadays the role of education is useful only for getting marks and jobs but not for knowledge.

Some students only want to get knowledge instead of marks. That is why they are not developed. Remaining all is leaving their technical knowledge after getting a job. This is due to today’s competition, students’ mind-sets and parents’ mind-sets.

In past days, around 20 years back, education was very tough and competition was less. Even though people are struggling so much at getting a job, in those days’ the preferences of candidate’s knowledge was more. But nowadays due to some reasons, getting marks and grades is primary and priority ones that is why we are having so many brilliant people. But we still work on old inventions.

Education is definitely for humans, because after coming out of our mother’s womb, the rest of our life depends on education only, as saying goes “a man without education is like a bird without wings”.

That is the power of education, but we are wasting that power. Nowadays there are so many facilities for students for studying purposes, but they are misusing them. They are not studying for knowledge, but for marks and grades. In some cases ‘by heart ‘is good, but if it is in every case we are hurting studies. It is not correct. This means we are using our brain for getting not for thinking.

In India, there are some institutions where so many outstanding brilliant students are studying there. But, no one in that institution does something for something else. Some ordinary students are doing miracles in inventions, because they are interested in the concepts, but not for marks. In every country there is, as we are in Africa, we are thinking most of the time travelling abroad to find job.

From childhood onwards, we have to study for concepts, but not for only marks. I agree that the marks are also important, but we are giving more important to marks only. We struggled very hard to learn by heart for examinations. We are promoted to another class. After a few days, if anyone asks us any question regarding previous class we are behaving like stammer people. Why does it happen?

In olden days, people were clever though they didn’t have education. They used intelligence and solved problems. Alexander Graham Bell, Issac Newton etc, all were using their intelligence. In these days they did not have any equipment, technology, or facilities, but they used their brain for miracles. Do you know? Past clever people used 8 % of their brain, but we are now using 1-2%.

Mistakes not only belong to students, but also to parents and teachers. Parents want to see their children in good position. Their intention is good, but instead of learning they are force students for good marks for the institution’s reputation. This is not correct; educate students in a peaceful manner. Finally I want to say nowadays the role of education is only for education and not for broadening minds, even though in interviews we are searching for answers that make you think twice. I agree that education is used for broadening minds, as some students write their own words regarding a topic. But teachers correct their notes, from the textbooks. Am I correct or not?

My suggestion is students should be taught from books alone; in my conclusion, please don’t take these words negatively.

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