The Chocolate Cake

By Maarten Dierckx. Maarten, 35, currently works as a stage technician and lives in Antwerp, Belgium.

Speaking to the Fox Business network, President Trump described how he informed Chinese premier Xi Jinping of the missile strike. Seated in a beautiful studio, the president told his fatherly story, relaxed and confident.

“When you were with the president of China, you’re launching these military strikes,” she spoke in a clear and professional manner, but it was clear the host was charmed by the powerful man that had joined her on her show.

She quickly continued. “Uhm, was that planned? How did that come about – that it’s happening right then? Because right there you’re saying: reminder, here’s who the superpower in the world is.” The Fox news host flashed a dazzling smile at her president.

Not many women were fortunate enough like her to meet the legend that was Donald Trump. She did not just get to meet him; she was allowed to pick his brain on any topic she liked. She was desperate to hear from President Trump on how he broke the news to the Chinese representative.

Confident as ever and with that attractive boyishness for which he became known, the president took care to explain, in detail, how two of the most powerful men on the planet spoke to each other about such grave matters as war and politics.

“You have no idea how many people want to hear the answer to this. I have had… I have watched speculation for three days now on what that was like,“ the president said. His manner was prideful, beyond reproach: he wanted his inspiring tale to be told at a certain pace and he would decide its cadence.

“When did you tell him?” the beautiful lady interjected, giddily, “during dessert or…?”

The president shook his head and laughed. He did not mind the host interrupting him, even if he had intended to draw out the story a bit more. “I will tell you. Only because you’ve treated me so good for so long – I have to tell you, right?” the president stated generously.

The beautiful lady smiled and added a soft-spoken “thank you”, grateful that she would hear from the most powerful man in the world about what deliberation he had gone through when he decided to attack a sovereign nation, deemed a bandit state after the vicious attack on its own people. She uncrossed her legs and crossed them again, excited to hear President Trump reveal his undoubtedly masterful approach to the delicate matter.

“I was sitting at the table, we had finished dinner, we’re now having dessert.”

The president continued, explaining what he meant when he had just mentioned dessert: “And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen and… President Xi was enjoying it. “

With a mind that leaves no detail unperturbed, the president went deeper into the intricacies of his political show of force: “And I was given the… message from… the generals that the ships are locked and loaded. What do you do? And we made a determination to do it, so the missiles were on the way.“

“And I said: Mr. President, let me explain something to you. This is during dessert. We’ve just fired fifty-nine missiles, all of which hit by the way. Unbelievable, you know, from hundreds of miles away. All of which hit. “

“Unmanned?” the beautiful lady asked.

“Brilliant,” is heard in the background. Most likely by one of her colleagues, who spoke out of turn.

Trump was not even distracted for a moment, passionate as he was about the subject. “So amazing. So incredible. It’s brilliant. It’s genius that our technology, our equipment is better than anybody by a factor of five,” the president explained, “I mean, what we have in terms of technology, nobody can even come close… to competing.“

The president wanted to make it clear he would make full use of these new tools at the disposal of the American people: “Now we’re going to start getting it because, you know, the military has been cut back and depleted so badly by the past administration and by the war in Iraq, which was another disaster.“

“So what happens is, I said, we’ve just launched fifty-nine missiles heading to Iraq.”

“Headed to Syria,” the host corrected him quickly.

“Yes, heading toward Syria. And I want you to know that. Because I didn’t want him to go home. We’re almost finished. It was a full day, in Palm Beach. We’re almost finished and I… what does he do? Finish his dessert and go home, and then they say, you know, the guy you just had dinner with just attacked…?”

“How did he react?” the host beamed.

“He paused for ten seconds. And then he asked the interpreter to please say it again. I didn’t think that was a good sign. And he said to me: anybody that uses gases, you could almost say or anything else, but anybody that was so brutal and uses gases to do that to young children and babies, it’s OK.”

“He agreed,” the host said in awe, the tension visibly draining from her body.

“He was OK with it. He was OK.”

And with that, the die was cast. With unprecedented bravado, President Trump both put a halt to the malicious machinations of foreign leaders and showed the world that the old rules no longer applied. Losing no time to discuss his motives and deliberations with a committee or senate, Trump seized power and control to once again lead the free world to prosperity.

In what is now referred to as ‘The Chocolate Cake Wars’, the United States spear pointed a decisive war to end all conflict and the feudal barbarism that, at the time, still plagued humankind. At the end of President Trump’s reign, the war had already proven devastating to the Slavic regimes and the bandit states in the Middle East, their fate all but sealed. Historians now unanimously point at Donald J. Trump as the single, great mind that wrested humanity as a whole from its barbaric shackles and antiquated ways, thrusting us firmly into a bright future.

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