Ink In My Veins

By Lean Rosendo. Lean, 14, is a Grade 9 student at Zambales National High School. He lives in Iba, Philippines

Tattoos are becoming a popular phenomenon that is seen everywhere. Today’s youth are getting permanent tattoos to become cool and trendy but these are not just pretty pictures. For some, tattoos may be art but, for me, a tattoo is a mark that shows who you really are.

Growing up, my parents always said that tattoos are bad – but I asked myself, “what if the face of God or any saint was tattooed on your skin, would they still say this is bad? In people’s perception, having a tattoo matters; they might say you’re a troublemaker because that’s what your tattoo depicts about you, or they might tell you that you’re a freak because you have tattoos all over your body. Is your tattoo just art or does it express your personality? We live in a judgemental society, a society where you are required to know how to conform and fit in. A society that creates a hungry drive to be noticed. Today, having a tattoo might be the reason a person will judge you but it is also the reason why you’re still fighting and living your life. For instance, you might have a tattoo of your mother or daughter that keeps you motivated all the time or you have been dreaming of traveling around the world so you painted the Eiffel Tower on your shoulder. It really seems that tattoos can be an expression of who you really are and, if people judge you, then it doesn’t really matter – just tell them to get their own tattoo.

Without clothes we’re just naked, a truth everyone knows. In fact, a tattoo can cover your skin; hide your darkest secrets, gain your determination or barely show everyone who you really are. These hands having tattoos symbolize that you need a creative hand to do everything you want and having these tattoos won’t stop you from achieving your dreams, instead they will be a part of your life forever. Having these creative hands can give positive results if you know how to use it right, like to influence youth; to raise awareness against racial discrimination, or to help make the world more world more peaceful. There is a very special tattoo I always gain whenever I stumble or fall down and I won’t regret having this tattoo because, for me, a scar is the most creative tattoo. A scar always reminds me that I stood up every time I fell. This picture of tattooed hands will always remind me how creative am I, how creative we all could be.

At the end of the day, we all sleep with the same skin; a skin you own. You may not even have any tattoos of your own but no one can stop us from getting one and some tattoo are really memorable – – scars can make the best tattoos.

However, these tattoos are permanent, a part of your life and once that sharp needle reaches your blood stream then you will have ink in your vein.

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