Inner Turmoil

By Ana Pendao. Ana, 16, is a student at Bracknell and Wokingham College. She lives in Reading, UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

What is an idea? An idea should be something unique, since no one but you has your brain, your imagination and your creativity. In every single mind, perspective and perception work differently. So why do we manipulate each other? With invasiveness, burglarising minds, disloyalty to oneself, we lose a battle and suddenly we lose a war.

Like waves, opinions and ideas are thrown unskilfully in random directions and, by chance, you are hit. But nothing is telling you to fall and drown. Your voice is you, your conscious, your individuality and, depending in your belief, it can be strong… or weak.

You can survive and be confident that you are special and different. Because it’s true that no one is like you; we are all different, in little ways and in big ways. So if you’re asking if opinions matter, they do. Your mind is a missing piece to an infinite puzzle and it will never be complete because people are always coming up with new and different ideas all the time.

And that’s okay.

If that ends, we have no individuality. We would just keep repeating each other in an endless cycle; no progress would ever be done towards an exciting and new future. You need to trust yourself and your instinct because, more often than not, it’s right. Even if this isn’t clear at first.

You heart is what makes you happy, it can be a rollercoaster – as the saying goes – with twisted emotions and regretful choices but, at the end, the negative feelings go away and a newer, fulfilled feeling will overcome you.

I like to use this metaphor now and again, for an inner voice can be successfully protected and cultivated through this mind-set. No mountain is the same size; some are bigger and some smaller. If you’re standing on top of a certain sized mountain, in your comfort zone and making safe choices, you’re never going to be able to reach higher mountains which represent better lifestyles.

Daringness and trust in oneself is important for these reasons. You need to believe that you and your intuition are right and that in the end you will prevail.

To climb a bigger, taller mountain, you often need to go downhill first. The higher the mountain, the deeper the initial slope downhill. This ‘downhill’ is where you are overcome by depressing thoughts, the ones you never thought were capable speak to you inside your mind. They are negatives, they are harmful. They will overwhelm you.

But once you fight to protect your inner voice, your beliefs and your ideas, you will climb again, to that high mountain you first set your eyes on. Where you will succeed far more than you did last time. And hey, if you want to aim higher, there are more mountains to climb trying to reach the clouds and the stars. As long as you’re ready for the deep downhill slope first.

Don’t let others discourage you with their own opinions and thoughts and, more importantly, don’t let yourself discourage your own inner voice. Your inner voice is you, there is no right or wrong. It’s your instinct telling you what exactly is bubbling underneath in that brilliant mind of yours. And that you can trust because there is no one else you should trust more than yourself.

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