By Omar Billow Mahat. Omar, 18, lives in Wajir, Kenya. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“Nearly all men can with stand adversity, but if you want to test a men’s character, give him “power”

Abraham Lincoln. Do you agree? I agree with him totally

First and foremost, in life man withstands adversity regardless of the task and nature of the environment he lives in. Men are one of the creatures to be believed of doing great things in this world, for instance the invention of electricity (which is so important to the 21 st century).

Moreover, after extensive research of man’s nature and character, it has been found that one of the greatest things that can determine the actions of man is “power”. The word power is the only thing which is recognized to differentiate the characteristics of man. Power has many different meanings and is noted to have different definitions, but in this case, power is defined as “leadership”

The good and the bad in people is only known when you give them power. However, in today’s world, power has become the main song of the day. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is looking for power.

In regards to how power can transform the character of man, here is a good example. It was some years back, one man whom was known well in terms of his character and had fame for rendering service and talking politely to people, this man (in spite of his hardworking habit) was an example to be mimicked by the entire population. Fortunately, this man initially was a teacher due to his Bachelor degree of physics and chemistry. He was automatically the talk of the town due to the love, respect and work he gave to his people.

This teacher was expected to became a member of parliament. The ideology of a political carrier had come into his mind and this was a message he conveyed to his people. Although people were astonished by the new thoughts of their beloved teacher, they listened to the ideology which lingered in his mind. By the time of the election he, and most the politicians, was in the mood for campaigning.

Now people appointed some delegates to campaign for the teacher as they loved him a lot. As time passed the campaign was also gaining momentum. When other politicians were busy giving out money to voters to get votes, this gentleman was just relaxing. Hence his people were campaigning for him without the use of money but with the use of diplomacy.

The date of the election was coming nearer. This determined teacher was already endorsed by all the people as the ‘Member of Parliament committee of delegates’ were running after each other to make sure their aspirant would be elected.

They say “everything that has a beginning must have an end”. The date of the election had been reached and people commenced electing their specific aspirant (whom they were supporting). The day was busy even though the election ended without any problems. Despite the challenges faced by the politicians, nobody had been injured during the process.

The officials of the election began by announcing the results of the aspirants who were elected. After the minor post was announced, it was time for the Member of Parliament to be announced.

Promptly the teacher was announced to be the leader among his competitors and he won the seat of the constituency level. The whole crowd began singing, dancing and ululating for the victory. As wise men say, success does not come on a silver plate”.

Another episode of life had commenced after the hectic campaign was over and everyone was happy about the seat he received to represent the voices of the people.

People had great expectations and hopes from their Member of Parliament, hence they were the ones who gave him the opportunity to lead. Due to his legacy during his era when working for the government, development and transformation was highly expected, as they say, “change is as good as rest”.

Unfortunately, the eagerness and the full expectations of the people from their Member of Parliament had declined after observing many signs of weakness from him. The signs include: pride and not fulfilling promises. All this was unusual compared to his prior character during his career in teaching. It has been acknowledged that power is poison to man’s character and in this instance, power was too great a test for this man.


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