Breakdown the wall, Build a bridge

By Dr. Elias Gebru. Elias, 27, is a Medical Doctor at Jimma University Medical Centre, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

A few years back, there was one picture that touched many hearts; a single shot which showed numerous sad truths of our current world. It was a picture of a 4 years old Syrian child raising her little hands for a photographer.

“Actually, I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” says the Turkish photojournalist Osman Sagirli, the guy who shot this historical photo, to BBC. “I realized she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide their faces or run when they see a camera.” He says he finds pictures in the refugee camps particularly revealing, “You know there are displaced people in the camps. It makes no sense to see what they have suffered through adults, but through children. It is the children who reflect the feelings with their innocence.”

But I would rather say this unfortunate girl wouldn’t care about the weapon or the camera. And if she was old enough to express her feelings she would write this poem,

Money & Power, All that you care about

A fleeting comfort, devil shade resort

A gun or a media, all are the same for me

If they hide what I feel, show me no empathy

Reflect my look, an innocent soul, a baby`s anxiety;

My hands are raised, their hands are dirty…

 Justice is not served!

With spoiled cause, they shot morality!

I don’t believe the civil wars in Syria and other Arab countries have got the concern and help they deserve from the rest of the world. So far half a million people, mostly children, have died only in Syria. Not to mention the physical injuries and migrations. We should never expect to live peacefully while our neighbors face such a disaster; because what goes around comes around. It is not a surprise if boys and girls who went through such hardship easily become terrorists in the near future. Whenever a country drops a bomb on another country a child conceives a fruit of revenge for that country. The killing and dying vicious cycle continues in such a way. And this is not a hypothesis! It is rather an obvious reality. If you really consider the identity of people who undertake the terror attacks in Paris, Vegas, and Belgium… and so on and so forth you will come to the realization that they were once victims themselves or family and friends of another victims. Sir Isaac Newton explained this simply through his Third Law, saying that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So shall we be a smart generation and stop trying to end terrorism by creating another terror and destruction.

Creating a world that serves equal Justice for all is the best way to modulate terrorism from the grass root level. As the visionary Martin Luther King Jr. put it well, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We have to be brave and informed to fight any injustice and inhuman thing taking place in our neighborhood, our city, our country, our continent & our planet at large.

South Africans express this wisdom by the word “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu’s meaning (in modern days) is that if an accident happens at any instant, at any time, and any place, the audience feels the same as the victim – most will rush to help the casualty, it doesn’t matter who, they empathically feel their pain. That defines Ubuntu at a glance.

“(In the old times,) A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn’t have to ask for food or water. Once he stops, the people will give him food and attend him…

“That is one aspect of Ubuntu but it also has other various aspects. Ubuntu doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t enrich themselves. The question therefore is, are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you to be able to improve?”

These were the literal words Nelson Mandela used to describe the true meaning of Ubuntu by giving a real life example.

‘Ubuntu as it is translated in a philosophical sense it means the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects humanity.’

On a related page, the Liberian peace activist Leyman Gbowee gave this word another incredible definition by saying,

“I am what I am because of who we all are.” I would say this defines Ubuntu.

Wisdom like Ubuntu plays a key role in the quality prevalence of Justice. Because unbiased humanity, truthfulness with transparency is what Justice is all about. And a spherical justice is essential for a global serenity.

On another page inequality is also the pitfall of this age’s justice. The rich and powerful are somehow favored in the face of the rule of law. Based on nationality, wealth and political power people are treated differently. But this lack of impartiality will lead us to our doom. “The poor will have nothing to eat but the rich” will eventually be true if inequality continues. This system of building a pyramid, leaving the majority on the lowest living conditions and suffering while letting few others monopolize the world will not have a good outcome. Even it is against nature itself because spherically working strings are the building blocks of nature. The earth wasn’t constructed as a pyramid but it was architected as a sphere. The spherical shape is the most settling structure of the universe! That is why the Highest One selected it to create our earth and other planets, the living and the non-living, the light source stars including the sun, its solar system, the Milky Way, most of the final biological makeup of the images of the Highest One, their cells, and the smallest particle of all matter, the atom, photons of energy and so forth… The Highest One chose the spherical shape so that all the energy and matter of creation could be transferred, exchanged, shared and recycled in the circles of life; rotate like pilgrims, circumnavigate like wanderers and evolve as a creation rather than being a bouncing deficit between the three corners of triangles.

If they really want to see a sustained peace with unlimited insurance in the future, human beings must consider a system inclusive of every living thing in the circle; let their system roll like their wheels and sports balls. Pyramidal civilizations have always failed, no matter how advanced and sophisticated they were.

If we live as an intellectual world, people we may not even need a written law to be just to one another, love is enough to understand the whole image. If we truly look at the face of that baby girl who raised her hands for a photograph thinking it was a weapon, we will certainly feel her pain and understand the ignored voice of hundred thousand children in the Middle East. We will stand up with compassion and be the judges, juries and law enforcers to serve justice to these poor souls. To break down the walls and fences of our borders and build roads and bridges to save others! To help one another just for humanity sake! To stop injustice anywhere so that it will not be a threat to justice everywhere!

…………………………………………………………………… LOVE & PEACE!

162 comments on “Breakdown the wall, Build a bridge

  1. Ermias on

    The concept alwayes been in ma heart,the word make me to think what i have done n what shall i do to the next,
    ask ma self did i break the wall n build the bridge or the reverse…. tnx so much

  2. Tilahun Gashaw on

    This article describes the outcome of war based on his scientific knowledge. It explains most of the consequences of war in country like Syria. I see his deep thoughts in this article. He is amazing writer.

  3. brhan on

    this concept is important for all homo sapians .mutualism is science…!!!…. to be amutualist… unity is a foot print….!!!…. so lets avoid hating on us… breaking down the wall of ………racism all over the world…

  4. Engida on

    The concept of “breaking down the wall and building a bridge” is relevant for our world where everyone has something special to share for others.

  5. Awed mohamed on

    To break down the walls and fences of our borders and build roads and bridges to save others! To help one another just for humanity sake! To stop injustice anywhere so that it will not be a threat to justice everywhere!

  6. Mulualem T Awaji on

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your insightful article about this contemporary issue. Next, I know him(the author) from his childhood period, and he wrote this article not for just saying it or competition, but I strongly believe that he shared what he’s living in. Finally, the way he described about the title, fluency, and using indigenous knowledge and references are amazing.
    I don’t want to say good luck, because you’re the winner! Thank you once again.

  7. Ethel cherotaw on

    “..With spoiled cause, they shot morality!”
    we have to break down the wall
    the wall of hate
    the wall of inhumanity
    the wall of injustice
    and build a Brige….Brige of love…..Avery good article Doctor.♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Tekle on

    “…If we live as an intellectual world, people we may not even need a written law to be just to one another, love is enough to understand the whole image…”

    Indeed, if love marked as our benchmark all is possible. Thank you

  9. G. Befekadu on

    Amazing piece.
    We would pass on a much better world to our children if a few of us could follow this simple but yet extremely important line of thinking.

  10. Asfawosen Adaye on

    what an astonishing article it is?! while reading these, i was realizing, how an article react as medicine. if it comes with a small dose of pessimistic thought, it may kill some brains. rather, if it is with such an optimistic and hopeful words, that may cure many brains. Thus, Dr. Elias Gebru, definitely your words spoke so loud about love, peace and justice. u showed us the essentiality of breaking the wall to build the bridge. and then, I believe thoughts and words can change our world. your article have a lot of contribution too.

  11. Dagmawit on

    This is so true! What an article Dr Elias. What’s there beyond love? This made my day. As I’m residing in SA I experienced the meaning of Ubuntu. No one could said it better.

    • Dr Chernet Berhanu on

      Its amazing to see such a wonderful words in harmony describe such a tragic while total truth about our world…!!!

  12. Admas Berhanu on

    Great words! That is what we need to do to make this world a safer place to live in. Color, tribe, race, religion, wealth status, etc are such an orthodox thoughts to be a reason for conflict. We need to progress well and think like Abraham Lincoln that we will have nothing to take from this world, and if that is going to happen we need to sing the same song of humanity.
    Just to support your conclusive remarks of building a bridge, one quote by Anonymys has come to my mind; they say “It doesn’t matter how many stones people has thrown to you, what matters is what you make out of It- a bridge or a wall?”.

  13. Yetnayet A. on

    Thanks Dr.Elias.
    At least we know there are people who breath unity and Humanity …I don’t think some of your wishes could be true unless the sequence of -‘Human being for resource OR Resource for human being ” is cleared out.

  14. Henock Habte on

    A story which clearly shows the world we are living in and also an amaizing insight of how we should live in this world. “To break down the walls and fences of our borders and build roads and bridges to save others!”

  15. Abiy Mulugeta on

    Ela you raised the timely concern to narrate with perfect languages using a perfect example. It is grade “A” article for me that deserves incentives just to empower the young visionary for more tasks. Good luck

  16. Fethya on

    Very well written! You raised awareness to a topic thats always relevant, perhaps more relevant today than ever before considering the current rise of far right and racist groups all over the world. I find it interesting and quite hopeful that you have so much faith in love, to an externt that you even believe that laws would be unnecessary if we all just used our mind and let our inner human compassion for others get the best of us. This was very mind changing for me. Break down the Wall, build a bridge is the perfect slogan!

  17. abel on

    Breakdown the wall.bild a brdge is nice idea especially country like us.where multi ethnic and culture also in low socioeconomic societies. There are a lot of misunderstanding on political, socially, cultural and economically. So those wall must be break down. This is what the world need.the BRiDGE, conversation.

  18. Peter Ab. on

    I wish Donald Trump may read “break down the wall, Build a Bridge” and may understand the feeling and situation of the immigrants behind the wall he has built and building. I wish those politicians and law makers have physcial and pyscosocial experience of of those behind the at least for a day. ….Thank you doctor, your view of the world is great and potential solution for is practical. This is what our prime minister is practicing by now; Love and forgiveness and also emphatic view of the people he is leading. …keep it dear

  19. hamza on

    Dr.Ela…it’s just awsome,..the story you raised is verry
    touching,..keep it up! and then This is inspiring .It asks alot of open mindedness which we
    urrently need in Ethiopia.

  20. Dr. Mustofa Hassen on

    Best article….already u start to build z bridge by navigate z world by ur article,that is what we say”Breakdown z wall, Build z bridge”. Go ahead!!

  21. Lidiya kebede on

    A very broad concept everyone needed to be reminded of.break down the walls to be there for those in need to have apeacefull and better world.very good

  22. Lemma on

    Really fascinating, the unfair world we re struggling for to survive,….Elayee it touched my heart!; about the kid. ….keep it up bro!!

  23. Abdurahman shukrallah on

    Awesome that was a great concept “break down the wall ,build a bridge” A book which could benefit the next next generation as well as this

  24. Tokuma Birhanu on

    Wow our hero it is an appreciable writing go ahead to put an forgot able for next generation. There is a very useful mineral in you

  25. filmon on

    one’s freedome is up on others slavery is the quote….liberal mentality is not accepting freedom of human being according to law…but we need heart love should rule over the law…

  26. Temesgen Bekele on

    What a beautiful thought, spherical is the best. “Pyramidical have always failed, no matter how advanced and sophisticated they were. “

  27. Rahel Gebremichael on

    What a beatiful and interesting article! my wish for my country goes with the ideas on this article. My wish for my country: A country with too many ethnic groups having different ideological point of view but working for one mother country and of course I’m contributing my part.

  28. Biniyam on

    ohh it is just wow…..we all are human beings
    that is the first thing ….and there is no second thing….other things are not even 1.0000001……Good luck doctor.

  29. Pini on

    If we live as an intellectual world, people we may not even need a written law to be just to one another, love is enough to understand the whole image.
    #Love is real and feasible#

  30. Heavy E on

    በጣም ግሩም ፅሁፍ ነው!!! ወድጄዋለሁ!
    ድልድዩን በመገንባት ግንቡን ማፍረስ መጀመር አለብን
    ይመችህ ዶ/ር ኤሊ
    thumbs up!!!!!!

  31. Jitu Diriba on

    Yeah,”But now in Christ you who once were far off are made near in the blood of Christ.For he is our peace who made both one and broke down the middle wall of partition…and might reconcile them both in one body to God through the cross having killed the hostility thereby”if the great God did so who are we not to choose it. u chose the right one I did so.

  32. Abyssiniawit (Uuna) on

    Amazing concept..let’s all go for love not for a war or will just bring us to square one. No change at all..

    • tewabu on

      what we need is not science, technology, law, goverment …, because these all were with us for centuries but not even lighten burdens of mankind, we need love – love with out criteria -we need UBUNTU, that will save the earth from the coming catastrophe.

      I really liked your uncomplicated and accebtable (by most youth) golden article!


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